Woman Kicked Out of Army for Having Breast Implants

Well, I didn’t know this, but apparently you cannot have breast implants and be in the army.  Hmm, wonder if there are some ladies in the army that just didn’t disclose the fact they have implants and got through anyways?  I’m not sure of the events surround this, but a twenty three year old woman has actually been kicked out of the army because she has silicone breast implants. 

The woman, who is currently appealing her station in Germany to have the order reversed, says that it has been her lifelong dream to be a soldier in the US army, and is disappointed that her choice to get breast implants has actually cost her her livelihood and lifelong dream.  She says that she really wanted to have a “great figure” but also wanted to be a soldier, and she’s perplexed why she can’t have both.

The army’s reason for kicking her out is that breast implants are supposedly going to increase her risk of getting hurt, and that is not acceptable in the army.  I guess I just don’t really get it.  I mean, how do breast implants increase your risk of injury?  Besides if something bumped them incredibly hard and they ruptured, but I would think that is not considered a “medical emergency”.  Any thoughts on this one?  I’m not really sure what to think…

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