Why Over the Muscle Implants Aren’t Good

If you’ve ever looked into getting breast implants, or breast augmentation surgery, you may already know that there are two general options for getting the implants surgically implanted into your chest where your breasts go.  One is not normally recommended, and although it is cheaper to perform, many plastic surgeons do not like it for a couple of reasons.  This option is called “Over the muscle” implantation, and it means exactly what it alludes to.

In the over the muscle way of implanting a breast implant, the device is implanted over the pectoral muscle.  Some say that this way might look more natural, depending on the woman’s anatomy, but I’ve only ever read places that say that it does not look very natural, and under the muscle is a much more desirable way to go about getting breast implants.  Under the muscle is more expensive, but it protects more against implant rupture and leakage and is typically the best breast implant alternative for you to choose in the battle between the two styles.

That brings me to my first disadvantage of the over the muscle breast implant.  I’ve read that over the muscle may not protect as much against implant breakage and leakage due to trauma or simply due to age of the implant.  That’s because essentially it has very little padding over it, whereas in under the muscle insertion, it’s got an entire muscle holding it in, and protecting it from wear and tear as well as any type of trauma that may be caused by being hit hard or jostling around too much.

Under the muscle also tends to look better, because it looks a little less abviously like a breast implant, thanks to more layers of protection and the camouflaging that the additional tissue gives.  Whereas an over the muscle implant may be more visible to the naked eye, an under the muscle implant would not be as visible as a breast implant.

Between the two, you are only paying a little more in the grand scheme of things to get under the muscle, and you are buying yourself a better looking, potentially longer lasting set of breast implants, as well as a better looking set of breast implants that are more likely to withstand the test of time and battery that the chest area may be prone to, so even if you don’t want to spend the extra money, you’d be hard pressed to find a physician that actually recommends the over the muscle implant.  Better yet, find yourself a good breast implant alternative, and don’t worry about having foreign devices in your body.  He he, worth  a try to sneek that in! 

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