Transumbilical Implants : What are They?

If you’ve ever done any research on breast implants, and the different methods doctors can currently use to put the implants in your chest cavity, then you’ve definitely read about transumbilical breast implants. What are they? Well they are implants that are inserted through (“trans”), the belly button (“umbilical”), or navel, however you want to say it.

This method is still not the most commonly used, with the side of the breast method of insertion and the nipple insertion being most popular today, unlike breast implants of yesterday which were primarily inserted underneath the breast, leaving a large, obvious scar to look at, which wasn’t too aesthetically pleasing.

With this method of breast implantation, most women do like the fact that the scarring is minimal, and barely noticeable or recognizeable as a breast implant scar, due to it’s inconspicuous placement.

One complaint, or theory if you will with transumbilical implants is that they have a higher risk of implant migration, which means that due to the somewhat distant origin of insertion, the implant may tend to move from it’s intended place in the chest cavity and cause a somewhat deformed look. Other than that, women seem to be generally happy with this breast implant method.

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