The Ahh Bra

So I’ve been seeing these ads on TV for this bra that the company calls the “Ahh Bra”, and I must admit I’m a little intrigued by it. I’m one of those people who hates to wear a bra. It is literally the first thing that comes off when I walk through the door from an event of work. I hate bras that much.

So needless to say, I’m always on the lookout for a comfortable bra – something that makes me feel like I’m not wearing a constrictive bra at all – that feels like I’m not wearing anything.  But that has escaped me. I’ve found plenty of bras that are comfortable enough, but I can always still tell they are there, constricting my body.

Bras just are not comfortable, and it sucks that women have to wear them or feel like they are indecent if they go out in public without them. I mean, is it going to kill anyone to see a little bit of nipple if you suddenly get cold? No! And yet this is the standard by which we judge proper female etiquette.

In short, bras just stink and they’re a lousy deal for women. The Ahh Bra, which is advertised for sale on television is one that is claiming to be the perfect fit for any body due to its individually woven technology, which allows it to stretch and fit pretty much any size while also offering support.

The price is twenty bucks plus shipping and handling, and like many other television offers, it comes with a second one for free. Oh wait, not really for free, you do have to pay another charge for shipping and handling (which should be zero, but oh well, it’s still probably not a bad deal).

I’m not buying one yet, I’m still relyin gon my good old faithful Hanes Stretch sport bras, but if anyone tries them, can you post a review here for the rest of us gals?

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