Sherri Shephard Loses Weight, Keeps Breasts

Sherri Shepherd, one of the newer hosts on the View, has made headlines recently by dropping a whole lot of weight and going down several sizes. She looks terrific, and her big boobs are still there too. But she insists that she’s not downsizing her breasts, which apparently didn’t downsize themselves all that much even after the weight loss, because she loves her breasts. I don’t blame the woman, not many women can say that about their breasts honestly!

Some movie stars and celebs have undergone breast reduction surgery, most noteably probably Dolly Parton, who still sports the most gigantic breasts I’ve ever seen, but who definitely needed some sort of reduction due to back pain. Also, Jennifer Connolly actually had a breast reduction I believe. I remember when she first started acting she appeared in a movie about a boy being in love with her and infatuated, and I thought she had enormous breasts too. Those were the good old days, before breast implants were popular, so they must have been real, and apparently she did have a breast reduction.

She reduced them quite a bit, as she looks modestly breasted now. I’m sure that when you have breasts that large, it’s really a lot of pressure on your back and makes it hard to work out, run and do other things. Women who have naturally large breasts usually do say that they’d like them to be a bit smaller. So funny because most women want theirs to be bigger, hence the immense popularity of breast augmentation procedures and natural breast enhancement options these days!

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