Sensitivity in Areola

One of the best things about a woman’s breasts, besides the obvious one, that they are made to lovingly feed an infant and create the most intimate of bonds between mother and child, is that they are also an instrument of physical intimacy and pleasure in women. 

Women’s breasts are extremely sensitive to the touch, as long as there has been no nerve damage done to the tissue surrounding the nipple, the areola, or the nipple itself.  Sometimes, it is true that if a woman has had breast implants, especially through her nipple, or areola (areolar implants), she actually has a chance of losing some sensation, at least partially, or in the  most extreme cases, some women with breast implants lose all sensation in their nipples. 

This is a great shame, because the nipple and the areola are one of women’s greatest erogenous zones.  Just a simple, soft touch or glide in this area from our lovers can stimulate thoughts of sexual intimacy and eroticism.  Most women will feel a slight loss of sensation during certain times of the month, and then feel a great deal of sensation during other times of the month, depending on hormones and how swollen her breasts are. 

While it is true that women with breast implants may lose sensation, this is in fact only temporary, and the feeling should return after a few months, if not a few weeks after surgery.

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