Purlz Breast Sizing System for Women to Test Drive Implant Sizes

I just received an interesting press release for a new program for breast implant patients where the patient can actually “test drive” different breast implant sizes before making their final decision to buy the right size and get the implant procedure done.  I wondered how this could be, since it seems that two separate breast augmentation surgeries would be needed if someone were to test drive, then go through with the surgery, right?  Well read on for more information on this new breast implant option….

It’s called the Purlz Breast Sizing System, and the press release is from a company out of Minnesota, who I assume is the maker of the product.  Unlike what I had thought, it is not anything like surgery, rather it’s a soft and comfortable insert that can be worn undetected under clothing for the woman to find out what she looks like in clothing, how they feel in a bra and how they look in clothes, and what that sort of weight feels like on their chest. 

Because they say that over 30% of women who get breast implant revision surgeries have the reason that they want a different size (usually larger I’m told), this is probably going to be a pretty popular system in my estimation.  They said that until now, women who wanted to test drive various sizes of breast implants had to wear bags of rice or bags filled with someone somewhat heavy to figure out how they would look i various cup sizes or implants filled with various CC’s of saline (or silicone since that’s back on the market).

The filling is made with a comfortable and flexible material that is supposed to be comparable to the size and volume of a real breast implant, making it a realistic comparison to real breast implants and how they would feel both in and out of clothing.  The Purlz breast sizing system can be read about more at the company’s website which is Lwgatz.com.

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