New 3D Technology Allows Patients to “Preview” Implants

An exciting development in the ever increasingly popular elective plastic surgery of breast augmentation has happened where patients can get  a highly detailed glimpse that is also very realistic, of what they would look like with certain sized breast implants. I actually saw a demonstration of the new 3D breast augmentation and implant simulator online and it is very realistic looking and does give different body types a detailed view, from side, front and other critical angles, of what they would look like depending on what cup size they choose.

Breast augmentation sugery is of course an unnatural surgical option to natural breast enhancement, but it nonetheless rages on in popularity because of our society’s preoccupation with the sexuality of breasts and of course every woman’s desire to have nice looking, well shaped and sized breasts to conform to this beauty standard.  Not saying I’m exempt, because I’m right in there too!  By the way, see our new Breast Actives review for one of the natural options to breast enhancing. 

This new system allows plastic surgeons to digitally photograph a patient’s body and come up with a fully 3D image of the patient’s body from all angles.  It then allows the surgeon to go in, with the patient watching, and give them an almost exact preview of what they would look like depending on how big they went, or how small. 

This means it can show you what you’d look like with a new pair of DD cup size breasts, versus a more realistic large C cup or modest C cup, and helps patients determine what looks best on them, and what look they are going for or what breast size they are most comfortable with.  The pictures show a detailed look at the lay of the breast implants, how they would look from a side view, a front view and other more angled views so that patient can make sure they’ll be happy with the outcome, as long as it looks how they say it’s going to from the pictures.   

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