Continues to Be Phenomenon

Well, when we talked about this, or some other similar site a while ago, I thought that it seemed like it was kind of a cheap way to get men to pay for your implants, but when I read another story about it recently, I decided, hey, if women want to spend a lot of time racking up credits toward breast implants, all the more power to them, you know?  This is also why breast enlargement pills have become alternatives to women who want breast implants but do not want to undergo surgery and also do not want to pony up $5,000 plus for them. 

I guess that a little over a hundred women have gotten free breast implants from posting their profile on, which is a website that is run to get men who post messages to the women who are members with profiles to pay a certain dollar amount for each message.  It seems to be working, because several women have reported that after several months and lots of messages, and gaining maybe sort of a “fandom” among male benefactors, they have achieved enough credits to get themselves some new breast implants. 

It’s intersting to see that so many women are still wanting breast implants.  It almost seems that pretty soon there will hardly be any women in the US that don’t have breast implants in a way!  As I said, if you truly want breast implants and are not willing to pay for them, or to pursue natural methods of breast enhancement, and are willing to give up a significant amount of time to post replies to your messages etc., then this just might be the way for you to get your free breast implants. 

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