Misshapen Breast : Reader Issue

I received this email anonymously (although I make them anonymous on here anyways), and she was concerned about her one breast being misshapen, or looking different from her other breast and wanted suggestions on how/if she could help naturally correct this symmetry problem.  Please read below.

Reader :

Dear sir/madam,

               I am 19yrs. girl want your kind help
regagding right shaping of my outshaped breast(i.e. it
has shaped out wards &down wards too)due to frequent
sexual meeting with my partner.I need your kind
suggestion to back it into right shape.I am hideing my
Identity & sending this mail from my friend’s e-mail
               I will be grateful to you if you
suggest me to overcome this problem. Hopping & waiting
anxiously for your kind & helpful reply.
               Thanking you for your anticipation.

Yours faithfully

Breast News :

Hello.  I only know of exercises to help reshape and firm the breasts, but honestly I am not sure they will 100% help with your situation, as it depends on the severity of your condition. 
Please visit these pages for suggestions on breast massage, as well as breast exercises to help you regain the round shape of your breast, as well as to help firm, tone and lift the breasts which should also help with the reshaping.  Best of luck to you.

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