Man Turning Into Woman, Growing Breasts

A man who is a singer in a local bar has said that over the past decade he has slowly been turning into a woman, and he does not want to lose his masculinity but apparently he is afflicted with some sort of a hormonal imbalance that has caused him to slowly begin to exhibit womanly physical characteristics.

While some men desire to become women and purchased various products for male breast enhancement, this is a case where a man has actually been turning into a woman against his will, due to a biological reason that is as of yet unknown.  He has asked regular doctors for help after his past decade of beginning to lose facial hair, develop softer skin like a woman, and also to grow breasts like a woman, but doctors are saying that they have not seen a case where a man has spontaneously begun to produce estrogen on his own. 

Every man has a little bit of the female hormone estrogen in his system naturally, as every woman has a little bit of the male hormone testosterone in her system naturally, but this man claims that he has spontaneously started producing high levels of estrogen for an unknown reason and has doctors baffled.  I’m wondering if doses of testosterone might be the answer, but apparently that may not solve his problem.

When there are hormonal imbalances in a woman or a man, as in, when a woman has too much testosterone or a man has too much estrogen, there are noted changes to the body that exemplify the opposite sex.  So for women, they may begin to grow facial hair, may start to have problems with bad acne, or they may develop a thicker, tougher skin like men have, whereas a man may begin to grow female breasts, his voice may become higher, and his skin may become softer if he has too much estrogen producing in his body. 

Scientists do not know why this man might have simply just had such a huge increase in his estrogen production on his own, but he says that his doctors originally suspected he was trying to change his sex which he adamantly denies, and he says that he just wants his manhood back, and does not want a sex change, nor does he want to slowly become a woman as he is now. 

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