Products for Transgender Breast Growth

Transgender men often want to grow breasts naturally, rather than have breast implant surgery to fill out their bras and clothes.  Breast implants often can feel “fake” and look fake, especially if a transgender male does not have a lot of natural breast tissue to begin with.

Surgical breast augmentation on a male with little breast fat end up looking very forced and unnatural, as well as hard.

This means that feminizing agents must be released into the body in order for a transgender male to begin to exhibit more female characteristics – ie breasts.  What is this “feminizing agent”? It’s called estrogen, as I’m sure most are aware.  For pictures of men who have used the Transfemme male breast transformation product, like the man pictures to the left, go ahead and click on the picture.

Estrogen is what makes a woman’s breasts grow, and excess estrogen is also a primary cause for men, both transgender and non-transgender, to growth excess breast tissue, a traditionally feminine characteristic.

There are two ways to accomplish this feminization and transgender breast growth, and two different types of transgender breast growth products that will get the job done. Many of the natural breast enhancement products you see to the right on this site help to get the female hormones going that are required for men to develop breasts.

Other feminine characteristics may be seen from this as well, depending on the person and how their body reacts to the feministic changes.

Another way for men to grow breasts is a much more expensive therapy, and requires visits to the doctors, a specialist usually, who gives doses of actual female hormones in order that the man may start to aquire more feminine characteristics, such as a higher pitched voice, less facial hair and overall hair growth, softer skin, etc and hopefully the development of breasts.

This avenue requires quite a lot of money, and most men desiring this must save in advance for it, as well as be prepared for possible side effects.  The other medical way to go about breast growth for transgender men of course is to get breast implants.

This is not a really desirable option for most men, since they often end up looking too fake, because of a man’s natural build, they are hard and often cannot be shaped correctly due to the different size and contour of a man’s chest area.

Professional hormone modulation therapy can be appealing, but if you don’t have the time, money or inclination to do that, there are natural, herbal ways to grow your breasts that are way more affordable. It may take a little more time and patience, but you can achieve transgender breast growth this way as well.

If you saw at the beginning of our discussion, there is a page where you can read about one man’s experience with herbal supplementation to achieve his breast growth.

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