Male Breast Enhancement

Are you a man who is looking to feminize his body, and enhance your breasts, to make them look womanly, like a woman’s breasts? There is an increasing amount of demand for male breast enhancement products, due to the difficulty of breast enlargement surgery in men.

What do I mean by this? This page will tell you other pages in BreastNewsMagazine where you can get actual before and after photos of men who have successfully enlarged their breasts, and also links to herbal male breast enhancement products that are recommended to get maximum feminization results for any man that takes them.

If you are looking to go a cost effective, herbal route, please look at this information on an herbal male breast enhancement supplement that actually enlarges the male breast by increasing the circulation of estrogens in the male body, and taking advantage of the increased estrogenic activity by making the breasts grow.

You can also read about a man’s experience with this herbal product and even listen to his recorded testimonial on how this product allowed him to naturally grow female-like breasts through herbal feminization.  Steve’s story of herbal feminization and transgender breast growth.

This means larger breasts, and other feminine qualities such as longer nails, softer skin etc., all of which are usually accompanied when a man enhances his breasts through natural “hormone therapy”, if you will.

Below, we discuss another product that helps along the natural growth of a man’s breast in lieu of hormone therapy of breast implants, both of which are expensive and even risky. The first page you simply must see is on the male breast enhancement pill called Transfemme (the picture above left is of a client of their’s).

See Transfemme Before and After Pictures for more information on this.  We had a customer of the product that was so thrilled that he sent us pictures to share with you, and they can be seen in that link I just gave you.

Male Breast Enhancement Supplements


He had great success, and so have many women on a similar supplement that uses the same technology of Transfemme, but goes under a different name specifically marketed to and made for women.

It’s definitely an exciting development for male breast enhancement, which used to require surgery (which doesn’t often look natural on a man, as well know, since there’s not a lot of tissue there to begin with on most men), and expensive hormone treatments that must be done under doctor supervision.

Other links are below for other methods to enhance the male breast.  Don’t leave them out, you may find these interesting as well.

I mean that men, because they naturally do not have as much fatty tissue in the breast area as women do, are very difficult to implant a realistic and natural feeling breast implant, the bounces, feels soft and looks and looks h cleavage and all the womanly amenities of female breasts.

Because of this, natural breast enhancement products are now making more of these supplements that can give men larger breasts, naturally, without surgery, and breasts that begin to grow just like a woman’s breasts do, because of the feminization aspect of these supplements.

Throughout this page, I have hyperlinked several pages that will give you information on various methods of male to female herbal breast transformation and enhancement, including herbal feminization pills that interact with your body’s chemistry in such a way that they increase the production and circulation of the female hormone estrogen, by adding phytoestrogens, a type of estrogenic compound found in the plants and herbs infused into the herbal feminization supplement.



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