Interesting Stats on Breast Augmentations

I received the following information from a gentleman who had some interesting statistics on the acceptability of breast augmentation surgery today, and how it is still the most commonly performed elective surgery here in the US. 

I thought you might be able to use this: a new survey done by the National Women’s Health Resource Center called Life Makeover Secrets of the Modern Woman provides some interesting insight into how perceptions among women are changing about plastic surgery, specifically breast augmentation.

The survey results show that:

–More than half of women (59 percent) surveyed felt motivated to make over their lives after experiencing a life-changing event, such as major weight change (62 percent), childbirth (59 percent) or divorce/separation/end of a romantic relationship (55 percent)    

–The majority of women (95 percent) who wanted to make a change actually did so in at least one area of their lives: health or fitness (57 percent) and physical appearance (42 percent)

–Of those women motivated to improve their appearance, nearly half (45 percent) said they would consider plastic surgery to do so.

–Breasts are among the top five body parts women would change; more than half (53 percent) say they are more accepting of breast augmentation than they used to be.

I can get you more information on these findings, including a comprehensive fact sheet and some background. You can also see the results here:

The site can also help find a certified surgeon to those interested. Thanks so much for your time. Let me know if you have any questions.

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