Getting Breast Implants for the Right Reasons

A friend and I were shopping just the other day and were talking about a woman who wanted to get breast implants.  The interesting thing about this particular woman though is that she had perfectly nice breasts to begin with, so we were wondering why she wanted them.  Now granted, I know that Wonder Bras and other sorts of pushup bras can do wonders for the appearance of larger cleavage and larger natural breasts, however, this girl really seemed to already be blessed with a very nice, curvy body naturally.

When we discussed it further, there was a boyfriend involved who may have had a larger hand in deciding whether she got breast implants.  That’s really just speculation, but it got me thinking.  I’ve had several women write me telling me that they are considering breast implants or some form of alternative natural breast enhancement to please their partners.  I have to be perfectly honest, in that I think this is probably the worst reason to get your breasts enlarged or worked on.

You really need to make these types of decisions, where you are essentially altering a body part for good, or at least semi permanently, in order to please someone other than yourself.  Believe me, in the end, if it’s not something you really wanted for yourself you may end up resenting the fact that you got it done for someone else, especially if that person isn’t even a permanent fixture in your life any more.

When you do something like that for your partner, you’re really trivializing your individuality, and that in itself will be something that you regret when you get older, and almost always inevitably look back on your life with regret for decisions you made simply to appease others. 

I also question whether a person who demands or even strongly suggests you alter your physical appearance in such a dramatic way for them truly has your best interests in mind, or even whether they really love you as they say they may.  It’s just something to think about and that I wanted to put out there, especially for the women to whom this may apply. 

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