Famous Boob Slips

It seems like at least once a year, if not more, we hear chronicled the latest “nip slip” or boob slip of the famous, or not so famous, but on some reality show. It’s really easy to be a victim of nipple slippage though. It’s happened to me a couple of times in the water on the beach when I’m in my typical triangle top bikini.

I remember several times being hit by a really big wave while I’m trying to get out of the water, and not only almost getting knocked over, but also having to contend with holding my boobs so that they don’t fall out of my top or God forbid, I don’t totally lose my top in the waves, and give everyone a free show and conversation fodder for the next few weeks.

You’ve probably been there too, especially if you frequent beaches, which seem to be one of the most frequent places for women losing their tops. I know that Kirsten Dunst had a mistake where one side of hers fell off, and someone snapped a picture of this happening.  I’ve also seen a few other pictures of young starlets having this issue on the beach as well.

There is perhaps one of the most notorious nipple slips that happened during the Super Bowl performance a few years back that prompted all sorts of stupid FCC complaints. You know, the one with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake where one side of her shirt “falls off” and exposes a breast that is bare except for a conveniently placed pasty over the nipple. Yeah, just because it was a “nearly exposed” breast, people freaked out over it. Ridiculous.

Then there is also one of the most famous nip slips with Tara Reid, the seemingly constantly embattled star from American Pie and other less memorable movies. She was getting snapped by photogs and also on film and her dress just popped right off on one side, completely exposing one of her breasts, which looked like it had just recently been operated on in her infamous breast implant surgery.

The poor girl also got lots of negative attention for having botched liposuction on her tummy.  I feel bad for her, she seems like a nice girl and people just love to pick on her!

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