Evelyn Lauder, Champion of Breast Cancer Awareness, Dies

Evelyn Lauder, who is related to the cosmetics magnate Estee Lauder, has passed away. But she is not only notable for her relationship to one of the biggest names in cosmetics and ingenuity. She is actually the creator of the pink ribbon that is used for breast cancer awareness as we know it today.

Lauder has championed breast cancer awareness for decades now. She passed away from form of ovarian cancer. She was 75 years old. Evelyn herself struggled with breast cancer, and was diagnosed later in life with the ovarian cancer which eventually took her life.

The woman had a reputation of being tough, and she attributed that to her growing up as a refugee from Nazis. After coming over to the states, she ended up marrying into the Estee Lauder family, where she eventually took a position as a leader in the company.

Through her own struggle with breast cancer, she became a voice of awareness and raised millions of dollars for research into a cure through her Breast Cancer Research foundation. She made little noise about her own struggle with the disease, which made her efforts all that much more noble and admirable.

It is because of women like Lauder that there is so much awareness about breast cancer and finding a treatment for it today. However, I feel that the awareness and all the money that is being raised could be going toward more nontoxic treatments than are what currently out there today such as chemotherapy and radiation.

I would love to see a movement toward more alternative therapies, as well as more of this money going not to the major pharmaceutical companies but to women who are going through treatment and need the money to support themselves and their families.

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