Did Tara Reid Downsize Her Implants?

It appears actress Tara Reid, well known for her larger than life breast implants after they spilled out of her dress unbeknownst to her on the red carpet, freshly done after she had just gotten breast augmentation surgery with scars and all visible, has gotten her well known “frankenboobs” (hey I didn’t make up the name, gossip mags did) redone – and downsized.

If you look at pictures now of Tara, she overall does look thinner than she used to, but also her breast implants appear to be more well proportioned to her smaller frame, and not spilling out allover the place.

Rumors about her downsizing started when gossip mags were reporting she was complaining that it was hard to be taken seriously with her big boobs, and that she was seriously considering getting her breasts reduced to look more like natural breasts, and more naturally in proportion with her body. Tara, good idea – they look much better.

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