Did Paris Hilton Get Breast Implants?

I was standing in line at the grocery store the other day, when lo and behold, I predictably got sucked into one of the gossip mags that endlessly claims to have the “insider scoop” on celebrity plastic surgery, affairs, make ups, break ups, and basically everything about a celebrity that you’d want to know, and way more than you would want to know!

This one was about celebrities that supposedly had breast implants.  One of the celebrities on the cover was Paris Hilton, the well known media-hound socialite, with her breasts all pushed up and ready to go.  It did look like, in this particular picture that Paris had gotten breast implants, but the same old manufactured story about her getting implants had surfaced many times in the past, so I was quick to dismiss it and chalk it up to some deceptive airbrushing in the photograph.

But, then I saw a few more pictures of Paris Hilton in gossip blogs, etc., when I noticed that, hey, it had been a while since I’d seen her face in a lot of gossip columns and magazines, so maybe there was some truth to the breast implant rumor.  Also, adding fuel to my belief that this time the Paris Hilton breast implant story may be true this time, was the fact that in every subsequent picture I’ve seen, her breasts do look suspiciously larger.

And who’d put it past the biggest socialite on the Hollywood scene, with gobs of extra money just eager to be eaten up by plastic surgeons and therapists alike, to get the coveted “C” cup boobs and publicity for her newly aquired breasts that she so much adores and feeds off of?  Makes sense to me!  Anyone else have any goods on Paris’ supposed boob job?  I for one, think the rumor may be true this time!

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