Did LeAnn Rimes Get Breast Implants? Do You Care?

How many times do we have to see before and after pictures of actresses and women in the public spotlight accompanied by the question “did she or didn’t she?” before we say we’ve had enough? Why can’t a woman just go and get herself some plastic surgery without being the subject of ridicule and speculation?

Sure, these women have often chosen to be in the public eye, but does anyone really deserve to be pondered over that much and criticized, made fun of or judged for her choices about her own body?  Not that long ago LeAnn Rimes was the subject of tabloid speculation for an eating disorder due to her thinner than normal frame.

She was dogged by questions about it, and also about her divorce and subsequent hook up with a married costar. Maybe she was going through some stress.  Now with new pictures surfacing of the singing star in a tight dress sporting seemingly new, never before seen curves, there is speculation that the formerly flatter chested star has gotten breast augmentation surgery.

And so what if she has gotten herself some breast implants?  Is it not the right of every person to tend to their bodies as they see fit?  If she wasn’t happy with her body the way it was, what is so bad about getting a little help from the plastic surgeon?  It’s just that when it goes to extremes that it becomes problematic.

And even then, it’s still none of anyone’s business except maybe that person and her family.  Actresses are always under so much more intense media scrutiny than actors are. Sure, a guy might be targeted if it looks like he’s had facial surgery, but the media really tends to focus on women and what they’ve had done.

It’s no wonder these women feel so much intense pressure to be pefect when they notice how much the media is noticing their appearance, and how much the public is obviously eating up the stories about their appearance.

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