Did Jaime Pressly Get Implants?

The hilarious actress who doesn’t give a crap about making herself look silly for the sake of comedy, Jaime Pressly looks like she gained some cup sizes, or she uses a darn good push up bra! Recently on some of the episodes of “My Name is Earl” where Jaime plays Earl’s mischievous hillbilly ne’r do well ex wife Joy, Pressly has been looking mighty voloptuous.

I think she might be wearing a push up bra, or maybe even “falsies” like so many other actresses do for sake of creating insane cleavage, but my boyfriend and I were trying to check out her “rack” last time we watched Earl to see if we could tell if she had any of the dead giveaway signs of breast implants.

The verdict is still out. She does look like maybe she’s gota little too much perfect roundness going on, but I’d need to see her without any clothes on her upper body to tell for sure! What do you think?

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