Cheap Breast Implants : Bad Idea

There are so many women looking to get breast implants these days.  As one movie put it, about the beauty contest industry “jeez, these days they get them (breast implants) at birth!”, and that’s kind of the norm these days.  Now, if a woman has a nice chest, we assume automatically that she has had her breasts artificially enhanced via breast implants, and usually we would be right.  Of course, the poor women who happened to have a nice hourglass figure naturally is now under the microscope for having surgery, but it’s so accepted these days that no one bats an eye.

Natural breast enhancement has also taken off and has been found a useful way for women to enhance their bustline without the help of a surgeon’s knife, and that makes a lot of women happy because they still want to feel natural and have their own tissue there, they just want them bigger.

The disturbing trend toward cut rate, cheap breast augmentation though, is very alarming, especially since this is a relatively serious procedure.  It’s not minimally invasive since they are slicing the chest open and forcibly prying the pec muscles out of the way to insert the implant, and hence it’s kind of rough on the body.  Having a surgeon that offers cut rates may indicate that they take less time or care, and you really don’t want that when getting something as important and precious as your breasts done.

Not only that, you are going under anesthesia, and who knows what they will come out looking like if it’s a discount outfit that is trying to appeal to those that want implants but can’t afford the five grand they currently cost if you go to a reputable source for them.  Just be careful.  While there are some reputable surgeons with good outcomes that offer cheaper breast implants for breast enhancement, there are also some bad eggs. 

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