Catherine Bell’s Boobs – Fake or Real?

I did a little investigating on whether Catherine Bell’s breasts are real or fake, and here’s what I found. They do appear to be fake, as I found some footage of Catherine from 1996, doing a nude scene on a film and her breasts indeed did appear to not be as mammoth as they are now.

She still was somewhat large-breasted, but no where near the Double D cup she’s probably wearing post implants. I have to hand it to her surgeon – he did a good job. For having a boob job, she’s got good cleavage and her breasts actually look like they could be real, except that she is so thin everywhere else.

The reason her implants probably also look so good is that Catherine started out with quite a bit of boobage to begin with, most women aren’t so lucky! Oh yeah, another interesting fact about Catherine Bell is that she was on Howard Stern’s radio show a while ago, and she is a Scientologist! Who knew..

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