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How Big Are “G” Sized Implants? Just Ask One Surgery-Obsessed Celeb

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There is a certain celebrity who notoriously had so much plastic surgery that she emerged almost unrecognizable after the multiple surgeries. She also had quite a recovery period as you can imagine. 

The woman was allover the news just a few short years ago for going overboard. She was paid a lot of money for post-surgery pictures though, so the media of course rewarded this sort of ridiculous behavior as they always do. 

Not that I’m against plastic surgery, trust me I’m not at all. I think there is a time and place for TASTEFUL and MODERATE plastic surgery if a person wants to graciously make themselves look just a little better. However I think it gets a bit dangerous and people tend to totally lose themselves in striving to be something that humans were not meant to be – 100% perfect.

Heidi Montague and Coco – two of the most ridiculously sized implants in Hollywood

The celebrity I’m talking about of course is Heidi Montague. She made headlines a little while ago when she had over ten surgeries in one day, one of them her size G breast implants which are seriously the most ridiculous looking things I’ve ever seen – almost as ridiculous as Coco’s breast implants.  The worst part is, the rest of her body is so very tiny that it makes her look even more out of proportion and “top heavy”.

But the celeb has come to her senses. She has said repeatedly that she regrets having so much surgery in such a short period of time and that she had no idea how painful and how life and appearance altering it would be.

She says also that she regrets spending so much money on it all, and that she needed to focus more on who she was on the inside instead of being so appearance obsessed.  Let’s hope she doesn’t give in to any more surgery urges, because she looks just fine as she is.  Except if she wants to get those gargantuan implants taken out, that would be great!

Is It Harder to Tell Real vs. Implants Now?

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I must admit, it is getting kind of hard to tell whether some women have breast implants or not. Whether this is just that they have a really good doctor or the fact that silicone is now allowed in common practice, I don’ t know for sure.

I do know that the better “jobs” are the ones where women had some fat there to work with in the first place. Women with very little body fat often don’t have the best outcomes when it comes to getting breast augmentation.

If you already have some extra fat in the breast area, you often have a much more natural looking surgery because the fat allows the implant to just be something that is sitting beneath that fat, pushing it out further and making the actual fatty tissue of the breast be more apparent, lifted and rounded.

Of course the surgeon matters too. If you are thinking about getting breast implants, you want to make sure you choose a great surgeon. You can even get recommendations from friends who have undergone the surgery themselves. You may even ask nicely if it’s not too weird if you can see their handiwork up close!

Most of the time you can still tell, especially when a woman lies down on her back, whether or not she has implants. This is because a woman’s breast tissue typically recedes back into her body when she lays down. Implants are immoveable and stiff and they will stand at attention even when a body is laying flat.

Founder of PIP Implants Released from Jail

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The leader and founder of the French breast implant company that came under fire for producing breast implants that were unsafe and potentially toxic, was just released from jail after serving about 8 months for the reason of failing to provide the bail amount needed to stay out of jail.

The company saw its silicone breast implants pulled from the market after it was discovered that they were filling the implants not with a safe, surgical grade silicone gel, but with a silicone that was of industrial quality, meaning it was supposed to fill moving parts and gears and things of that nature, and not come anywhere near the inside of a human body.

As you know, even though the shells on these newer implants are much tougher than the ones of yesteryear, there is still the potential for breast implants to break open or to spring small leaks over time, even if they are undetectable. This means that the women who had these particular types of implants purchased from this company were subjecting themselves to the possible leaching of industrial grade toxic silicone.

This is pretty big stuff here folks. A major miss for the regulators who are supposed to protect consumers from these types of carelessly made products, as well as a lack of care on the part of the company and everyone within it who knowingly filled these medical devices with subpar materials.

These unscrupulous and illegal practices filled the companies pockets with more profit every year, to the tune of over a million bucks in savings every year. Not there are hundreds of thousands of women that have these unsafe implants who basically have no recourse other than to pay for removal themselves. Not a great option especially considering the expense and pain of surgery.


Celebs Against Silicone

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Silicone breast implants have long been a controversial subject and a very hotly debated topic amongst not only women who have them, but also among doctors that give them or have given them in the past before they were summarily banned a few decades ago (only to return to market as a “better more improved” product that was safer).

Many women who had silicone implants back in the seventies and eighties have claimed that the implants caused or directly contributed to a range of health problems. Mostly, silicone leaks have been linked to neurological disorders and joint or musculoskelatal issues.

Symptoms from ruptured or leaking silicone breast implants have also included hair loss, unexplained chronic pain, memory loss, insomnia, strange rashes that never clear up and other undesirable and possibly health compromising conditions.

One former child star of the Waltons show, Mary McCormack, blames her battle with the autoimmune disease lupus on her silicone breast implants. Lupus is a very serious and life altering disease where the body’s own immune system basically attacks the body, leading to a variety of terrible symptoms that be sporadic such as chest pain, hair loss, mouth sores, constant fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, flu like symptoms and that list goes on and on.

She says that when her implants were removed there was basically almost no outer shell left on the silicone, leaving her body exposed to the toxic goo that was leaking out into her body.  Silicone components are toxic. They can include materials like acetone (yeah, that stuff that is highly toxic that removes your nail polish), talcum powder (a known carcinogen), epoxy resin, and denatured alcohol.

She says, like many other patients after getting their silicone implants removed who are experiencing health issues, that her health symptoms virtually disappeared once the implants were removed.  Coincidence? I tend to think not. Mass hysteria?  I tend to also think no, because how would so many women share these similar stories of symptoms, and also report their symptoms disappearing with the removal of the implants?

Even though silicone breast implants are supposed to be made safer today with a more resilient outer shell for protection against bursting or leakage, and women are supposed to get MRI’s to make sure they are not leaking periodically, there are still many who say silicone just plain isn’t worth it.

I’m tending to agree. With a higher hardening rate and more incidents of capsular contracture, added to the fact that it has been linked to so many serious health issues I think it’s just not worth it. Saline at least provides a totally inert, harmless filler that if it leaks should not cause any bodily harm.


When Were Saline Implants Introduced?

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I used to think that saline breast implants, the most common breast implant still today, and the only breast implant that was available for over a decade here in the US after silicone implants were banned due to safety fears, was introduced after the silicone implant. I also thought that it was really only introduced as an alternative to silicone that was deemed safer, no other reason.

The saline breast implant actually came out in 1964 after it was developed by a Doctor who tried to make a cheaper, yet still viable breast implant in 1962. It was introduced to the market as a medical device. Not much was thought back then about safety issues, but you couldn’t really bat an eye at the harmless salt solution back then even when little was known about how various chemicals that get into our body affect us ultimately.

We’re talking about a day and age when no one really knew about things like parabens and other dangerous chemicals and preservatives, or aluminums in deodorant, or things like red food dye being toxic to the human body. This was in the DARK ages of cosmetic surgery for all intents and purposes.

We’ve come absolute leaps and bounds since those days even though it’s really only been a few decades. It’s been a true age of innovation when it comes to plastic surgery because people are demanding it and it’s a very lucrative business.

Saline breast implants are still considered the safer alternative to silicone these days by most people. Even though the FDA has put forth more stringent restrictions on the silicone devices such as having a tougher outer shell and having leak and breakage proof measures in place, most people including myself just feel safer with saline.

Of course, many women still get silicone now that it’s available again, because it is the more natural looking method of breast enhancement. There is still that perception that silicone gives a more natural look and feel, and I don’t think that saline will ever be able to compete in that category unless saline could somehow become a more gummy substance without putting chemicals or hardeners in it.

Saline implants are also still the less expensive option. Silicone will cost you a bit more because they are both more expensive to make by the manufacturers who pass this expense on to you, and they are often more complicated to insert and get to look just right, so the doctors need to put extra time and effort into the surgery or have limited insertion options.

Saline implants can be inserted empty then filled, making them a much more flexible and practical option, whereas silicone implants have to have a larger incision to accomodate their larger full size since they can’t be inserted empty and then filled with the silicone gel.