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Male breast enhancement and enlargement for men who want to grow breasts that look and feel like a woman’s naturally. Male to female feminization in other words.

Swedish Officials Remove Transvestism from List of “Disorders”

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In a move welcomed by the transvestite community in Sweden, the government is removing transvestism, the act of being a transvestite, which is a man who has converted into a woman via hormone therapies, male transgender breast enlargement, and surgeries possibly, from it’s list of disorders so as not to create more prejudice for this often misunderstood segment of the population. 

They also removed fetishism and sadomasichism from their list of sexual disorders in an effort to make things more equal amongst those with sexual preferences that are considered out of the “norm” according to society at large.

Men who have transformed themselves into more or less biological women often feel that they are misunderstood by society.  They feel that they do not have a true understanding amongst the society they live in to be able to comfortably live openly, and often feel that they are discriminated against. With a society that is now a bit more understanding, and a move toward acceptance and political correctness, as well as pushes for diversity, they can now feel a little more included.

The committee who decided on removing transvestism from the list of sexual disorders has also decided to take this to the WHO, or World Health Organization in an effort to get it removed more broadly.  The representatives for the transvestite community find that this is a welcome move and want to feel like they are more included and understood by the society at large.

Men who want to enlarge their breasts to look and feel like a woman’s breasts without getting surgery should look into these products for transgender breast growth for natural ways to increase breast size, volume, and overall bra size. 


Man Turning Into Woman, Growing Breasts

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A man who is a singer in a local bar has said that over the past decade he has slowly been turning into a woman, and he does not want to lose his masculinity but apparently he is afflicted with some sort of a hormonal imbalance that has caused him to slowly begin to exhibit womanly physical characteristics.

While some men desire to become women and purchased various products for male breast enhancement, this is a case where a man has actually been turning into a woman against his will, due to a biological reason that is as of yet unknown.  He has asked regular doctors for help after his past decade of beginning to lose facial hair, develop softer skin like a woman, and also to grow breasts like a woman, but doctors are saying that they have not seen a case where a man has spontaneously begun to produce estrogen on his own. 

Every man has a little bit of the female hormone estrogen in his system naturally, as every woman has a little bit of the male hormone testosterone in her system naturally, but this man claims that he has spontaneously started producing high levels of estrogen for an unknown reason and has doctors baffled.  I’m wondering if doses of testosterone might be the answer, but apparently that may not solve his problem.

When there are hormonal imbalances in a woman or a man, as in, when a woman has too much testosterone or a man has too much estrogen, there are noted changes to the body that exemplify the opposite sex.  So for women, they may begin to grow facial hair, may start to have problems with bad acne, or they may develop a thicker, tougher skin like men have, whereas a man may begin to grow female breasts, his voice may become higher, and his skin may become softer if he has too much estrogen producing in his body. 

Scientists do not know why this man might have simply just had such a huge increase in his estrogen production on his own, but he says that his doctors originally suspected he was trying to change his sex which he adamantly denies, and he says that he just wants his manhood back, and does not want a sex change, nor does he want to slowly become a woman as he is now. 

Bust Fuel for Men Contd.

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I received further correspondence from a male who is currently using Bust Fuel as a product for transgender breast growth and likes it and had one additional question on it and a comment about Transfemme, which we talked about in the last few posts as well.  Enjoy! 

Comment : You just proved why I have SO MUCH CONFADIANCE in what you say.
TRANSFEME made my skin SOFT but it is so expensive and has SO MANY rules I don’t care for like NO FLORIDE it’s in your toothpaste, take it one hour after eating and they sell protein powder (real expensive I BUY MINE AT WAL MART).
BUST FUEL was also recommended in the literature you sent and that’s what I’m taking because it makes my skin soft ALSO!!!!!!

I have been doing my homework for years on BREAST GROWTH and I know BOUNTIFUL BREAST (TRANSFEME) says you can take it for years but I READ SOMETHING ABOUT YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO TAKE A HERBAL PRODUCT for transgender breast growth MORE THAN 9mo.
Is that right?

Answer : Right, nine months at a time, to give yourself a break is what I’ve read elsewhere.  Not sure if this means that you can take it though again after giving your body a rest from the herbs for a certain amount of time – this may be something to ask Bust Fuel about.  I’m pretty sure that Transfemme product also says the same thing about the nine month rule too, so maybe it’s just a rule of thumb to give your body a break and let it normalize again.  I know, Transfemme is on the high side, which is why it’s good there are also less expensive herbal alternatives to use as well that work.  Good luck! 

How to Grow Male Breasts Question

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On the topic again of how to grow male breasts for men who want to feminize their appearance by growing feminine breast tissue, this time with herbal products that many times have similar ingredients and formulas, of course with varying degrees of efficacy and effectiveness, I received an email from a male asking a question about conflicting information on herbal products for male breast growth encouragement, and I answered as best I can, although I generally cannot speak to anyone’s individual situation and this is an opinion, I always have to refer a person back to the maker of a certain questioned product since they usually have the best resolution since they created the product in the first place. 

Question :

Over the YEARS I have E-MAILED you MANY times with questions about breast growth.
In my opinion you are the BEST OF THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll tell you why I say that.
It all started YEARS AGO when I decided I wanted larger breast but EVERY web site says a different brand is best or worse so over the YEARS it’s no telling what I’ve spent trying MOST of them and from time to time I’d have questions and I found out by XXXXXXXXXXXX you knew more than their consultant.
As you know and I FOUND OUT some or most are nothing but junk.
After all those years I guess I’m an A CUP but I’m a male and males have a steady supply of testerone.
BUST FUEL makes my skin SOFT so I’m going with it and the PRICE IS RIGHT. (WHAT DO YOU THINK)
What I’m confused about is their web site says it’s PERMANENT but it seems to me that would ONLY apply to the female gender because they have a steady supply of estrogen.
Am I missing something?

Answer :

With herbal supplements, sometimes there needs to be a sort of maintenance of periodic use of the product, usually at lower doses, if any growth deteriorates over time after the product is discontinued.  However, this varies per product specification as well as per the individual’s body chemistry, diet, and a variety of other factors that make us all biologically different from one another, and it’s best to contact the specific maker directly to ask what to do if your results diminish. 
I just got done communicating with a man who has had great success with the Transfemme product.  In fact, he had great growth results and has sent numerous pictures if you want to look at them here Transfemme Pill Results and see how to grow male breasts.  And he even welcomes questions and feedback about his indivudal results with  the product from other men if you want to email him at his email address, which is provided on the page I just referred you to. 
Hope this helps, and good luck with whatever you choose to do to further feminize your body! 

Man Wants Larger Breasts, But Option to Reverse

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I received this question recently from a biological male who was questioning how to achieve natural male breast enhancement but also wanted ot know if he had the option to reverse the male breast enhancement if it was found to be too much, or if he decided he wanted to reverse the growth later.  I wasn’t exactly sure about the logistics of reversal of male breast enhancement, so I couldn’t give much an answer on that note, but here is how the conversation went.

Question : I am a 27 year old biological male looking into breast inlargment my goal is A-B no bigger is there a way to stop the growth or even reverse the growth of breasts once i start?

Answer : Well, we can tell you that when it comes to natural male breast enhancement, a product specifically designed for men called Transfemme gives the some of the best results for male breast enlargement because it acts as a natural hormone modulation therapy.  You may not want to take less than the thirteen month treatment for men if you want maximum results and the most noticeable cup size gains and fullness to your breasts. 

When you check their site out, make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom of the testimonials page, and check out the “Male Testimonials” page for some great feedback from men who have had impressive success with this product. As far as reversal of any growth that is achieved, you will have to email them (at Transfemme) and ask them if there is a way to reverse overgrowth. 
Also as a secondary agent to enlarge and shape the breasts, along with this pill we are talking about, you may want to combine it with this highly effective breast cream called Benefil breast enhancement cream.  This will really boost your growth and maximize overall results, since it topically stimulates additional growth and circulation, which promotes additional breast growth in men and women (especially combined with moderate massage).  You can check out their product info here. 
Take a look at the sites in this email, and I think it will be helpful for you to make your decision. 
Good luck!