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Posts, articles and information about herbal feminization, which is the process by which a man can feminize his body through the taking of herbal products, supplements and pills.

Bust Fuel for Men Contd.

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I received further correspondence from a male who is currently using Bust Fuel as a product for transgender breast growth and likes it and had one additional question on it and a comment about Transfemme, which we talked about in the last few posts as well.  Enjoy! 

Comment : You just proved why I have SO MUCH CONFADIANCE in what you say.
TRANSFEME made my skin SOFT but it is so expensive and has SO MANY rules I don’t care for like NO FLORIDE it’s in your toothpaste, take it one hour after eating and they sell protein powder (real expensive I BUY MINE AT WAL MART).
BUST FUEL was also recommended in the literature you sent and that’s what I’m taking because it makes my skin soft ALSO!!!!!!

I have been doing my homework for years on BREAST GROWTH and I know BOUNTIFUL BREAST (TRANSFEME) says you can take it for years but I READ SOMETHING ABOUT YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO TAKE A HERBAL PRODUCT for transgender breast growth MORE THAN 9mo.
Is that right?

Answer : Right, nine months at a time, to give yourself a break is what I’ve read elsewhere.  Not sure if this means that you can take it though again after giving your body a rest from the herbs for a certain amount of time – this may be something to ask Bust Fuel about.  I’m pretty sure that Transfemme product also says the same thing about the nine month rule too, so maybe it’s just a rule of thumb to give your body a break and let it normalize again.  I know, Transfemme is on the high side, which is why it’s good there are also less expensive herbal alternatives to use as well that work.  Good luck! 

Herbal Male Breast Enhancement Question

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I got this question recently from a reader (whose name is withheld for privacy purposes), about herbs and natural nutrients that may be used for herbal male breast enhancement.  He specifically sounds like he wants to use his own herbs and put them together himself as a self administered herbal male feminization supplementation plan.  Here is the question, and our answer.

Question : 

hello im not sure who to ask on this question so im asking u
will soy / black cohash – phytoestrogens improve breast size in men and give the male a feminization features
i have done exstensive research on the subject and have found many pro ‘s and cons
Breast News Magazine Response :
While large amounts of soy have been shown to have feminizing qualities on both men and women, the amount of soy you would need to take in is very, very high, and may not be practical as a means of herbal feminization.  As far as black cohosh, this is also a known phytoestrogen that causes further feminization features and breast growth in men and women, but you would probably also want to combine it with other phytonutrients such as fenugreek seed (used commonly to help lactating women produce more milk, this supplement increases the size of the mammary ducts, and often the size of the breasts, and also has feminizing qualities due to high phytoestrogen counts), saw palmetto, and fennel (these are both known phytoestrogens as well). 
If you want to get all of these ingredients in one, there is an herbal product which has shown to be a great herbal feminization supplement for men (you can see more information about this male breast enhancement product (scroll down to “herbal male breast enhancement), and from there, go to the site to see a guy tell his story about his experience on this supplement).  For male herbal breast enhancement , it is recommended no less than 6 months, and probably even more, to get maximum results from any herbal feminization regimen.  I hope this helps. 

Man asks about Bust Fuel for Male Breast Growth

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I got this question from a man who wanted to know something about a certain product for men to enhance breast size.  Here it is:

Question : with bust fuel as a male will i have to take any kind of
hormone boosters to get my breast to grow or is the bust fuel pill enough
to work on its own
Answer : You asked if this breast implant alternative product would work on its own on a male for breast growth, and the answer is, it definitely should, because it is designed to initiate feminization through herbs and estrogenic effects in the male body too. It’s usually recommended, no less than six months, no more than nine at a time on herbal products such as these. 

You may also want to check out this product, which actually might also help stimulate growth, roundness and firmness as well as additional growth of the breast.  This is used on both men and women.  It’s called Benefil, and it can be used in conjunction with an oral supplement to help further stimulation and growth (it’s a topically applied serum).  Any more questions, let me know.

Breast Implants for Transexuals

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Some transexual men who are not satisfied with the breast growth they’ve experienced from hormone therapy decide to undergo breast augmentation surgery, or get breast implants to further supplement their transexual male to female breast enhancement. 

While a lot of men who receive hormone therapy, or do a natural hormone modulation therapy such as Transfemme supplement, experience very satisfactory breast growth, they, just like a woman, may want the rounder, bigger, firmer and more lifted look that breast implants can give them. 

Men who are becoming female have to be careful though to only get them when they’ve gotten enough growth from their male to female hormone therapy or supplement of their choice, so that they have enough fatty breast tissue for the implant to go under so that they actually have nice, natural looking breasts, and not awful looking and hard implants that may even become painful.

Your results will vary with breast implants if you are a male, and this is due to the structure of your chest, and as I said before, the amount of fatty breast tissue that you have grown on your own. 

Some men may not prefer to get implants and just stick with male to female feminization supplements or have their doctor prescribe a specific transexual breast growth for them. 

Some transexual men’s experience may be better than others on these types of therapies, and this depends on the length of time treated as well as the dosages chosen and that individual’s tolerance.

Herbal Feminization : What IS It?

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Lots of men ask what exactly is the concept behind herbal feminization, and while I know I’ve already covered this topic in this magazine before, I still feel as though it warrants further discussion, or clarification if you will.

Herbal feminization is a means by which a man’s body is feminized throught the use of a combination of several different herbs, known for their estrogen (female hormone responsible for breast growth, periods, feminine characteristics), mimicking abilities.

Some of these herbs are Dong Quai, Dandelion Root, Wild Yam, and a few others that are well known in herbal and natural medicine circles for their feminizing characteristics. These same herbs were actually used ages ago as a sexual aphrodisiac and fertility enhancer for women of all ages, as well as menopause relief for women who were undergoing unpleasant menopause side effects due to estrogen depletion, to replenish estrogenic activity in the body that occurs with youth in most women.

These same herbs, or combination of herbs, works much the same way in a man’s body as it does in a woman’s body in that it increases substantially the saturation of the estrogen hormone, via a natural form of the female hormone, and increases thereby the feminine attributes of a man, giving him softer skin, sometimes a more “womanly” shape, and of course, the growth of the ultimate hallmark of being a woman, breasts.

It depends on the guy, how well he responds to herbal feminization, whether he grows breasts that are truly comparable to female boobs, but most men do notice their body becoming more feminine in one way or another when on the herbal supplements.