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Eat Nuts for Breast Cancer Prevention, Weight Maintenance

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When dieters think of nuts, they might typically think of them as a “no no” food. That’s because nuts contain a lot of calories in a small amount of space due to their high fat content. Add the additional oils they are sometimes roasted in if they’re not raw, and the salt, and this looks even less healthy.

However, a new study released has pretty much contradicted this theory and shown that nuts are indeed a food to be included in your daily diet if at all possible. Not just for breast health and breast cancer prevention, but for heart health, weight maintenance and general heart health and longevity as well. That’s a pretty full plate of benefits for this little food!

My personal favorites are the cashew, walnut and pecan. The only problem is that I love them roasted and salted. The plain ones are ok, but man there is nothing like a good roasted, salted nut and unfortunately that means they are cooked in some sort of oil which adds more fat.  But they can still offer  a lot of nutrition too!

The latest study shows some pretty awesome evidence that nuts are a food that should be eaten every day.  People who regularly consumed nuts, every day or close to it, were less likely to die of ANY cause.

This is all proven during a long study done by Harvard that spanned about 30 years and included over a hundred thousand men and women.  Things like heart disease and cancer incidence were dramatically whittled down in this group, and their longevity was generally much more lengthy too.

People who consumed nuts on a regular basis also interestingly had a better, more steady weight and seemed to have less issues with weight and obesity than the non-nut eating group did.  This is interesting because although nuts contain healthy fats and oils, they are high in calories due to this fat content.

I guess it goes to show it’s the KIND of fat you eat that determines your health and weight, not necessarily the amount of dietary fat. Although it is worth noting that nuts should be consumed with some respect to how caloric they are, so that you don’t inadvertently gain a bunch of weight from eating too many.

With so many kids afflicted with the peanut allergy these days, it’s a shame that they might have to miss out on the obvious health benefits of nuts. While being allergic to peanuts doesn’t necessarily mean you’re allergic to all nuts, it certainly doesn’t put you in a good spot for not having reactions to nuts in general.

That being said, I think that women in particular should strive to work different types of nuts into their diet. It seems that women really benefit from these healthy fats and non-animal protein and enjoy much better breast health because of these being in their diet. Since nuts are tied to a leaner body too, this helps with preventing breast cancer because excess fat storage on the body means you likely also have excessive estrogens floating around in the blood, which translates into a higher risk of most types of breast cancer.

Breast Sizes – Celebrity Examples

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Celebrities – How they Influence What We Want in a Breast Size

The final size of a woman’s mature breasts is mostly determined by heredity and can range from very small AA cups to very full EE cups.  Breast size varies greatly among women, but the average breast size is a B cup, and all sizes and shapes are normal and healthy.

For some reason, probably the increasing popularity of breast augmentation surgery and alternatives, the common perception today is that the perfect breast size is a C cup.  See some famous celebrity breast sizes below, and you’ll see these famous women are as diverse as the rest of us.  See how J Lo, Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie and More Measure Up…

While many of us may not be happy with the appearance of our breasts, it is good to know that they do come in all sizes and shapes, and we can actually improve their appearance with surgery or natural  breast enhancement products- whether it be increasing their size, enhancing the shape and contour of the breast, or adding to the perkiness, firmness and perfect beauty of the female form, if we are not happy with our current breast size and appearance.

Celebrity Breast Sizes – the Who and the What Size

Some examples of celebrity breast sizes are found below, to give you an idea of how diverse the idea of the “perfect breast size” can be, since all of these women are widely considered to be beautiful.

Jennifer Lopez breast size- Large B cup/Smaller C cup Britney Spears breast size- Larger C cup Christina Aguilera breast size- Large C cup (after breast implants) Catherine Bell breast size – Large D cup (implants?  I think so..) Jessica Simpson Breast Size – Small D cup

The development of small amounts of breast tissue is usually the first sign of puberty in girls. Some girls notice breast growth and substantial breast size increase as early as 8 years old, while others don’t start until age 13 or 14 or even older.

The timing is determined by the individual’s biological “clock” that tells your body to start producing high levels of the female hormones estrogen and it’s cousins progesterone and other estrogens. Breasts go through about 5 stages of maturity over the next five to six years, until they reach their full growth potential by age 17 or 18.  If for some reason the breast growth cycle is never fully completed there are natural breast size increasing options that are both a realistic and safe option to surgical breast augmentation.

While breast size is mostly determined by genetics and hormonal levels in the individual during puberty and even various stages of life such as pregnancy, there are also some environmental, or outside, factors that have been hypothesized to play a role in the size of a full grown women’s breasts.

Increasing Breast Size Naturally – What Are Your Options for Working with What You Have

Standardized Cup Sizes

Breast Size 32aa – Celebrity example Mena Suvari

Breast  Size 34A -  Celebrity example Audrey Hepburn

Breast Size 36B – Celebrity example Claudia Schiffer – yep they make them look a lot bigger in pics

Breast Size 34C – Celebrity example Angelina Jolie

Breast Size 40D – Celebrity example Catherine Bell

Breast Size 40F – Celebrity Example Anna Nicole Smith

Breast Size EE – Celebrity Example Dolly Parton

Women who may have been malnourished or dieted a lot in their teen years may have experienced stunted breast growth, or an incomplete cycle of full breast maturity, leaving them with a smaller sized bustline than they may have had on a healthy and balanced diet in the formative breast growth stages.

This is all conjecture, but it does make sense if you think about it.  The breasts are – in essence – “extra” tissue that the body does not really need to sustain itself, rather they serve the biological purposes of motherhood.  See why we know you can increase your breast size naturally.  It’s worked for many many women already.

This is why the first thing most women (most, not all) say they notice shrinks and loses size and volume when they lose weight, is their breasts.  For some, this may be a blessing, for others, they want to hold on to every bit of fullness in their breasts they can, as breasts are viewed in society as an object of sexual desire and admiration, and most women want to increase their breast size rather than decrease size.


“Smart Bra” Will Help Control Overeating?

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Now this is an interesting one. We’ve talked about apps to help you size the right bra for your breast size and your girth, bras that are customizable down to your very nitty gritty measurements, apps that help you choose the right material and shape for your bras and much more.

But this one’s different because the “app” is in the bra itself, and the bra is something that is supposed to help women control eating habits and maintain a healthy weight. It accomplishes this by somehow monitoring a woman’s mood, picking up on that via some sort of sensor system that monitors when emotions run high or anxious, and alerting the “Smart Bra” wearing woman to that.

At least it doesn’t start blaring an alarm from your bra. No, it’s a bit more classy than that thank goodness. Can you imagine sitting at work amongst other professionals and having an alarm sound come from your bra?  Not too professional!

The bra basically sends the data to your smartphone and then gives the user a message that their emotions are about to possibly trigger an overeating episode.  Apparently there have been studies and data to support the theory that a lot of overeating is caused by anxiety.

The monitors in the bra are able to monitor the heart rate and respiration. When you feel anxious or nervous, typically your heart rate speeds up and your rate of breathing in and out increases as well (they actually feed into eachother).  Microsoft apparently feels there might be a market for the Smart Bra in women who are trying to monitor their emotional responses as they are related to their eating habits.

Hmm, this is one that I’m questioning whether it will actually do well on the market. Is there really a need or demand among women for this type of “support” from their bra?  If so, are they will to pay an extra bit of money in addition to the cost of a normal bra in order to get this sort of high tech dietician?

I guess time will tell. The Smart Bra will be released when the prototypes they are testing now are ready. Some of the issues are that the battery life needs to be extended so that users can get all day service from the bra they paid for. No news yet on how much this high tech boob holster will be. My guess is at least $100, but I could be off.

Celebs Getting Breast Implant Reductions

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I’ve noticed a bit of a trend lately with women under the spotlight that seem to have gotten their breast implants downsized. I certainly cannot blame them, because those huge, basketball sized breast implants can really be uncomfortable to carry around.

Not only can they cause back and neck pain from the extra weight, but they also can feel uncomfortable under the skin, as if there is a weight on the chest (well, because there is) and a tightness. I’d compare it probably to the feeling that anxiety has on the chest – a tightness. How would that feel dealing with that every day?

We’ve seen a few celebrities get their implants out in the past, or simply have them downsized so that they not only look more natural, but also feel more natural and more comfortable.  Demi Moore famously got her huge implants reduced several years back.

The smaller implants looked worlds better on her naturally thin, athletic frame.  We talked about Victoria Beckham seemingly downsizing (or perhaps even downright removing) her implants.  She looks amazing, as she usually does but she looks ten time more beautiful without those huge implants in my opinion.

Well, there are two more female celebs we can probably count in the downsizing (or downright removal) department.  Pamela Anderson appears to have either downsized her breast implants or has had them completely removed. She famously had an actually pretty convincing and nice looking pair of breast implants during her reign as the Baywatch beauty every man coveted.

She then went outrageously big around the time she started dating and then briefly married (I think) Kid Rock. Her implants were so large they literally looked painful, and it just wasn’t a great look for the naturally beautiful and smart actress. She seems to have wised up and toned down lately, and her super huge breast implants have thankfully gone the way of the dodo bird.

Another celeb that has downsized (she probably hasn’t had them removed, it looks like a simple downsizing) is Heidi Montag of reality television fame.  She is most famous for being the pseudo-villain of the reality show The Hills, but she grew even more famous for having a large amount of plastic surgery all on the same day. A lot of it was done to her face, but another place she got was her breasts and man did she go LARGE with her choice of implant size.

This is another instance that I would call implants what looks like it’s simply painful to carry around. They are so large that they make the skin around them look tight and strained just holding them in.

She recently seems to have gotten her implants severely downsized and has notoriously denounced the multiple surgeries in one day as a mistake.  Thankfully she’s at least got some comfort back in her life after ditching the gigantic burden on her chest.


BPA’s May Pose Increased Breast Cancer Risk In Utero

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It’s bad enough that the common plastic chemical bisphenol-A, or BPA’s, has been linked to an increased risk of developing breast cancer in adult women, but women may be unknowingly increasing their baby’s risk of breast cancer as an adult before they’ve even been born.

BPA’s have been phased out of many baby-related items such as formula containers and packaging as well as baby food formulas and anything else a baby would eat from. However, the mother’s almost definite common contact with the chemical is concerning researchers that they are being set up for higher breast cancer risk as adults before they even leave the womb.

The problem is that BPA’s do the most damage during the developmental phases of the fetus.  This is when the baby is developing their hormones, their traits and just about everything else is being laid down as groundwork.

This phase of cellular development is highly susceptible to damage and to cell mutations because it is in its infancy. Therefore, endocrine disruptors such as BPA’s can do a ton of damage during this critical developmental phase of the fetus.

These changes in growth affected the mammary gland in studies, and the mammary gland is in large part why breast cancer develops in most women.  It is mutations here that are the major risk factor to breast cancer.

It can not only cause damage and hormone issues in developing females in the womb, but there is also concern that it may alter the hormone and cellular development of male fetuses, leading to everything from increased risk of prostate cancer to brain development or neurological issues in men.  BPA’s have even been linked to lower sperm counts in adult men!   You may recall our story about that a while ago, this is a study that started about a year ago.

Even if you drink your water from a BPA free bottle or cook all of your food in non-plastic cookware, you still are being exposed on a daily basis to this chemical.  That is because it is found on the coating of almost all containers that house food and drinks, it is found on the receipts that you get from just about any store these days, and other places you would never think of.  These chemicals are absorbed into the skin, so it’s not just by intaking them orally that we are exposed to them unfortunately.

All you can really do is just be as cautious as you can without being one of those crazy-cautious people who can’t even enjoy life because they’re afraid of exposure. At least that’s my practical, Midwest style advice.  Once you learn what to avoid, it becomes second nature to just look for the healthier version of any consumer product – one without the BPA’s!