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Women Dying for Bigger breasts, Bigger Butts?

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I’ve read one too many stories where women are sacrificing their lives for the purpose of vanity.  Most of the time, these women, often young and impressionable, are visiting unlicensed and unscrupulous “doctors” or they are even taking matters into their own hands and trying to do a home job which of course never ends well either.

One woman was arrested when she was busted for giving women butt injections with non-medical grade silicone.  Another man was arrested after he botched butt jobs and boob jobs and was found to be a total fraud.  These frauds often reel women (and men) in with ridiculously low prices in the promise of them attaining their physical beauty goals.

The saying that if it’s too good to be true it probably is goes extremely double for cases where people are getting plastic surgery at bargain basement prices. Surgery is surgery and it’s always extremely serious when your body is being cut into by a scalpel, or if anything if being inserted or injected in the same of enhancing a body part.

A recent story has a woman in Argentina tragically dying when she tried to enhance her own breast by injection vaseline into them.  The problem with injections like this isn’t even so much the toxicity of what is being injected, but the fact that the injections can cause bubbles and embolisms in the blood stream.

These people who are getting direct injections of materials are risking their lives because these bubbles can cause blood clots and embolisms anywhere in the body, and result in an almost immediate death when they do.

The Argentina case was a  little different in that it took weeks for the woman to start having health issues.  She was admitted to a hospital for trouble breathing and eventually fessed up to injecting her breasts with the gooey substance.

The material had traveled to her lungs where it formed a blockage to one of her main arteries, which caused her eventually to die. Very tragic.


Famous “Breast Makeunders”

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You’ve heard of the beauty “makeunder” before. It’s where a subject, typically a woman since women are the most notorious for wearing makeup and overdoing it sometimes with too much “stuff” allover the place or a garish fashion sense, are made under. In other words, they take away a lot of the piles of makeup, the loud or obnoxious clothes and perhaps the overdone hair and make a woman look more natural. Still beautiful – just more natural and more understated.

I’m a fan of the makeunder, because it really kind of reflects my personal style.  I’m pretty mellow when it comes to clothing choices, makeup application (don’t get me wrong, I love my makeup!) and my choices as far as what I should tastefully show in cleavage, things like that.  There are many stars who have benefitted from makeunders, but there are a few notable stars who look 100 times hotter who have undergone “breast makeunders”.

A breast makeunder is where you get ridiculously large, often centrally displayed, breast implants removed or downsized. The effect is not only way more comfortable for the subject since very large breasts can not only be an unwelcome call for unwanted attention, but they can also really be burden to physically carry around. They often result in backaches, neck pain and discomfort due to their naturally hard or tight feeling.

Demi Moore, who is mostly known for her never endingly youthful look even though she is now in her fifties, was more known for her larger than life breast implants back around the time her career hit its stride and she starred in movies like Strip Tease.  Moore looked good still, but the implants, when you go back and watch that movie, were way too big for her tiny frame and they just looked uncomfortable.

Flash forward several years and her career was back in full swing with an appearance in her bathing suit in the Charlies Angels movie, and her romance with Ashton Kutcher was in full bloom.  She had downsized or had them removed. Most likely downsized them though, and she looked absolutely fabulous, more natural and more – just comfortable in her own skin.

Victoria Beckham is another breast makeunder. Her huge, hard looking implants were really just not all that great looking, and she’s a beautiful woman.  They looked overdone and tacky, and she’s a woman who is known for her edgy, yet classic fashion sense so that large, hard looking implants seemd totally out of synch with who she was.

Now she has either had them removed (it does look like this was a total removal in her case) or downsized, and she couldn’t look more beautiful. She’s got a gorgeous little baby girl, and her downsizing seems to have somewhat coincided with her either getting pregnant with the little girl or with her having her. Either way, bravo to her for getting them out. She looks amazing and her makeunder is the best thing she’s ever done.

Pamela Anderson, perhaps the best known for her huge implants and extremely sexy style, has done a notorious makeunder over the last year or so. And she is GOR-GEOUS.  The piles of makeup are now gone and she’s letting her natural beauty shine through. She really is a gorgeous woman.  She also appears to have either removed or downsized her implants for one of the more notorious makeunders and she looks positively glowing and vibrant – and not coincidentally – years younger!

See, sometimes overdoing it makes you look OLDER.  I know it seems like a bit of an oxymoron, but putting too much on or dressing too “young” can really have the opposite desired effect which is that it actually makes you look older. We could all learn a lesson or two from these women’s moves.   They all look really fabulous – and more gorgeous than ever.







How Will Obamacare Help Your Breast Health?

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With all the controversy surrounding Obamacare, it’s important to note a few things that are beneficial to women.  The one good thing about this new law, which is not going away no matter how much some people want it to, is that it is pretty friendly toward women’s health. As it should be. After all, where would the world be without us?

We are the mothers, we are the baby birthers, we are the caregivers in many cases, and we are the gentler hearts and less aggressive of the human species. Ok, ok so I guess I’m giving myself away that I’m a bit partial. After all, I am a woman!

In the past, one thing that really used to irk me was that I had to go every single month to get my low dose birth control pill, while my husband could have any prescription filled a few months at a time.

Well, one of the earlier changes was that birth control pills were allowed to be dispensed three months at a time. This greatly helps not only with the convenience factor for women and accessibility, but also it cuts down on the likelihood of an unplanned pregnancy due to not being able to get to the drugstore on time for a  refill.

With Obamacare, not only can I still fill my birth control three months at a time, but I can also get them for free. That’s right, I don’t have to pay a dime. And not only is this good for me and my personal life, but it’s also good for the healthcare system because with less unplanned pregnancies, it burdens the system less. Also, it doesn’t force women to terminate unwanted pregnancies.

Another health benefit for women and for breast health is that women are supposed to be entitled to a free physical examination every year under Obamacare. This could mean a lot of prevention in the way of female-specific cancers such as breast cancer and cervical cancer among others, depending on what types of screenings are covered.  So far, mammograms are supposed to be covered for women who are fifty and over. I think this is a good cutoff.

I actually personally feel that earlier than that may be unnecessary. But that’s my opinion. Plus, the less you expose your breasts to the radiation of a mammogram, the better, so the later age should be fine since women are more likely to get breast cancer during these later stages of life anyway.

Mammograms would be free of charge. So would colonoscopies, which is another major concern for people as they age, no matter what sex they are.  These could be two huge savings for both men and women.

Just the physical exam every year could help combat and prevent a number of female specific health issues.  Plus, it’s a nice way to get that yearly “education” on how you should be taking care of yourself and what types of screenings you should be keeping in mind for years to come.

So see, Obamacare definitely has some advantages. Now, we’ll see how it really affects our insurance premiums in the future if we work and have our employers pay a significant portion of our insurance premiums every year. I know that mine have been raised already through my employer. Plus I will start to be taxed on the amount my employer pays for my benefits which pretty much stinks, but I guess if it’s for the greater good, and my family somehow benefits in the long run, I’m ok with that.


Mammography Better for Less Dense Breast Tissue?

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We’ve talked a lot about the back and forth debate over breast mammographies and their actual benefits.  Some people avoid them because they believe they expose the already-vulnerable breast tissue to cancer causing radiation, but some women swear by having them every single year and stand by them as a great way to ensure they do not get breast cancer, or can catch it at its earliest phase and have a greater chance at recovery and total remission.

Whatever the corner it is that you are in when it comes to breast health and breast cancer screenings, it’s important to know the difference between the various options. More importantly, it’s vital that you find a good Doctor that will stand by your ultimate choice and not judge.

Thermography is an alternative to mammography, or mammogram. The mammogram is still the most readily available screening for breast cancer.  Critics don’t like it because of the exposure to x-rays, since it is essentially an x-ray of the breast tissue, to search for white areas in the breast tissue.

Because of the decreased density of a woman’s breast as she gets older, it is still thought that a mammography, or mammogram, may be the most effective screening  mechanism to detect breast cancer.  Thermographies and other alternatives may be better options for women who are younger and have denser breast tissue.

The reason I have personally not chosen to have a mammogram, even though there is a history of breast cancer in my family, is that I feel PERSONALLY that it’s not worth it to expose my breasts to this type of radiation because it’s not all that effective in younger women anyway.

I’m not quite forty years old yet, and this is still considered pretty young as far as breast tissue screenings go. Therefore a mammography may not be as effective for someone of my age as it would for a women who is in her fifties or sixties and has less density to their tissue and who also happens to be in a higher risk group to begin with.

One thing you want to do, regardless of your choices when it comes to screenings involving machines and x-rays, is to do self-screenings a lot. Whenever you are in the shower, for instance, make it a point to feel around the breast tissue and see if there is anything going on that feels out of the ordinary.

Sofia Vergara’s Machete Character One of the only Good Parts

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So we watched the second installment in the farcical movie series “Machete Kills” in which Danny Trejo reprises his over the top, retro-hip action here whose weapon of choice is the machete.  Hilarity is supposed to ensue, and the campiness of the first Machete movie was really fun.

The writing of the first one was clever, and the acting was just great – the actors really seemed to have fun with the fact that they were supposed to act melodramatic. This second one – not so much.

It was a real slog to get through the second Machete movie.  There were really no big laughs as in the first one, and it felt over done and forced.  The only good part was Sofia Vergara’s character, which she does a great job with – gun bra and all!

Sofia of course is known for her over the top persona and thick accent. She is the “hot latina” of our time, for sure, so she fit in perfectly to the latin theme of the movie.

She seemed to really enjoy the camp of the character, and I loved seeing her in a different character than her “Modern Family” character Gloria.  It was weird to see her swear though, my husband and I were both kind of weirded out  by that, plus some of the filthy stuff that came out of her mouth was shocking, but only because we love “MOFY” so much.

Sofia definitely gets to play up her biggest physical asset in the movie, much like she does in the hit show Modern Family – her larger than life boobs.  She straps on a bra that is a machine gun. Pretty fun!

But first, she throws daggers out of a dagger bra. Very fun!  We find that her character is a man hater, which is pretty funny because her character runs a brothel of hot chicks that are fight-ready at all times. I love when they throw these types of stereotypes out the window and just go for it with the obvious.

Anyway, I wouldnt’ recommend watching the movie. The first one was a ton of fun, and very original and Jeff Fahey makes a way better villain than Mel Gibson does. But it’s not Mel Gibson’s fault – it’s the writers on this one hands down.  Very disappointed. At least Sofia and her machine gun bra did not disappoint!