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Breast Massage for Therapeutic Health and Enhancement

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Breast massage as a method of natural breast enhancement and beautification has actually been used for years as a means of stimulating healthy breast growth and promoting breast tone and tissue growth.

Breast massage is one of the best ways to help create a more beautiful bustline by helping to shape, tone and promote growth of the breast and the area surrounding the breast.

Not only can moderate massaging help to make your bustline more attractive and sometimes even appear larger, but it is also an excellent way to keep in tune to your breast health by creating awareness of any fibrous areas of possible indications of breast cancer and some have even claimed moderate breast massage can help to prevent cancer.

By massaging the breasts on a regular basis, many women is Asia have claimed it has enhanced the shape, size and overall attractiveness of their breast, while also giving them a sense of oneness with their femininity, and promoting relaxation and peace of mind, as other methods of body massage do.

Many who practice massage of the breasts for increased breast fullness and beauty also have utilized special herbal serums or creams formulated to further stimulate the breasts into “expanding”, growing in circumference, and firming and toning, creating an overall larger look and correcting sagging, droopiness and other traits deemed unattractive by other individuals.

Believe it or not, the Thai government has recently reported it supports breast massage as a means for helping breasts grow larger and breast health, so there really must be something to this phenomena.

Breast massage has been used in beauty parlors and massage parlors, especially in Asia, as a means of healthy lymphatic drainage, breast growth promotion, and as a post operative therapy for women who have undergone mastectomies, breast surgery, or other trauma to the breast area, sinceit helps break down scar tissues as well as stimulate healing and tissue regeneration.

There has been much speculation that the practice of wearing a bra 12-15 hours per day by most women restricts lymph flow, and apart from not wearing a bra, which is not an option for many women in today’s societies, breast massage is the best way to help the lymphatic system drain these pent up toxins and help to prevent  the toxins from building up and causing cancer or other ailments.   Here are some guidelines for breast massage you may want to follow:

1.)  Use a cream or lubricant of your choice to help prevent friction and increase the enjoyment and relaxation of the massage for a more pleasurable and therapeutic experience.  This can be an herbal mixture – there are some good ones out there that really do help to promote firmess and breast tone, while creating a larger and more rounded look.

2.)  Light to moderate kneading using a gentle back and forth massaging action is best.  This can be in a counterclockwise circle around the breast to help promote maximum lymphatic drainage.

3.)  To gain maximum benefit and therapeutic effects, breast massage should be practiced daily, as part of a routine – perhaps when fresh out of the shower, since the skin is still somewhat moist and the room may still be steamy, for a smoother massage which may be more easily lubricated since there will still be moisture in the air.  If you prefer, even several times a day can be a great benefit.  It depends on what fits into your schedule.  A few minutes at a time should suffice.

Bust Lifting Exercises

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You’ve heard the obligatory “I must increase my bust” exercises that adolescent girls (maybe even you) practiced in their early teens in hopes of getting a bigger bust simply by waiving our arms back in forth in a nonsensical movement that probably did very little to “increase their bust”.

Can exercises actually increase bust size, or are they merely supplemental to having a nice, rounded, firm and lifted bust?  Well, I have not read of women actually achieving increase bust size simply by doing bust toning exercises, but you can definitely help your breasts along in the quest for bigger breasts, and a nicer lift and silhouette to the breasts.

We recommend that you also look at these breast size enhancing products as an alternative to surgery if you are looking to actually increase breast size. Although exercises can help to enhance and lift the bust area, they rarely actually add inches.

The main muscles that are worked in bust lifting exercises are the pectorals, which are the muscles that support the breast tissue which lays over the chest area, and gives it the shape and roundness characteristic of younger, perkier breasts.

These are also the muscles where breast implants are inserted under (or over, although I think the preferred method is now always under the muscle).  So, it makes sense that working these muscles would help to make your breasts look bigger.

Targeted Chest Flies : This exercise is really just a modified and slightly more targeted exercise which specifically targets the pectorals at a much lighter rate, gently guiding them to increased firmness and a bigger look.

Take a very light pair of hand weights, 1-2 pounds, and lie on the floor, chest up.  Now, raise you hands with the weights gripped in them lightly, directly out in front of your face, so they are perpendicular with your chest.  Take them out to the sides of your body, not moving them more than a couple of inches, concentrating on gently squeezing the sides of your breasts.

This targets your lateral bust supporting muscles gently, since it is such a gradual movement, and is very slow and deliberate.  Do about ten reps of these, slowly and with focus on the sides of the pecs.

Mini Desk Workout : This is especially for those of you that work at desks for most of your day.  You can take the palms of your hands and put them together, concentrating on squeezing your bust muscles together gently.  This should feel pretty natural, as these are the muscles you must use in order to feel the opposition in the palms.

Spin Doctor : This is one I named especially for the silly look you have when doing this exercise, which blasts the muscles which support the breasts, and is an excellent exercise to increase bust size.  With this exercise, you will be standing.  Put your hands out directly in front of your body, with your fingers all flat and pointed out to the distance, as if you are reaching.

Now, move your hands in toward eachother, as if your thumbs will touch, but slide one hand under the other.  Repeat this, with one hand going over the other alternating turns.  You may pick the speed up but will want to start this exercise slow so you do not accidentally get overzealous and pull a muscle.

French Study Shows that a Bra Actually Makes Boobs Saggier!

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Leave it to the French to come up with this study. Our more uninhibited, more sexually accepting, and more fashion forward partners across the sea, have released findings to a new study they conducted regarding women who wear bras versus women who do not wear bras (my heroes, I really wish I could start going commando more in the bra arena without feeling so goshdarn self conscious and weirdly rebellious).

As I’ve stated so many times, wearing bras really goes against my natural instinct to seek out absolute comfort in my clothing choices. No matter how stretchy the fabric or perfect the fit, I always find bras (even sports bras) to be restrictive, stifling and a pain in the butt in general.

Women mostly wear bras to maintain their modesty.  In other words, they don’t want their nipples standing at attention at the slightest bit of breeze. Some women wear them because they have large breasts and simply need the support to hold them up all day.

Other women, like most of the natural women in the world, don’t have that large of breasts and really wear a bra for modesty purposes. Or heck, maybe they’re trying to make themselves look more stacked with the uber-variety or stuffed and padded bras we have available to us today!

Whatever your reason for wearing a bra here in the US, there is a study that was done in France that has actually debunked one of the common myths about bras that they actually prevent sagging breasts because they help them to defy gravity all day long rather than sag.

They’ve stated that their fifteen year long study has actually found the opposite. They found that women who wore a bra religiously throughout those years actually had saggier breasts than the women they followed that did not wear a bra during that time period.

They concluded that because of their findings, the common belief that wearing a daily bra, this annoying (and very big business) piece of underwear, helps you to avoid sagging breasts as you age is really just a smoke screen. The women who wore one did not experience this daily denial of gravity as a benefit, but instead as detriment when it came to their breasts not defying gravity on their own all those years sans a brazier.

Furthermore, the women who wore a bra did not experience any relief when it came to taking a load off their back by helping support their breasts, which is another common believe of what the brazier can do for you if you have breasts.

So basically this whole study has debunked the use of the bra as a totally useless and pointless exercise. I really wish with all my heart that women everywhere would band together and ditch their bras for good. They are nothing but a nuisance, and may even cause more harm than good not only in the breast health department but also in the appearance and beauty of your breasts.

If one doesn’t get ya, the other does that’s for sure. For me it’s more about comfort, and I’d love nothing more than to give up bras forever. Maybe when I’m eighty years old and don’t care about social norms any more :)

Exercises to Enlarge Your Breasts : But Do They Really Work?

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Women have always been seeking a bigger bust, so how do they achieve this without painful and often times overpriced breast augmentation surgery? Actually, women can enhance their cleavage and overall appearance by using the right push-up bras and using bust enhancement exercises to their advantage.

Keep in mind, if you really want to grow cup sizes, you’re going to have to look into a great breast implant alternative – exercises will only help to lift, shape and tone the area all to create the illusion of more breast tissue, but they won’t actually create more fatty breast tissue. Finding the right bra to enhance the appearance of your breasts is also an integral part of enhancing your bust to show its maximum potential.

Over the years, the positive effect of the bra on enhancing the bust has changed dramatically. The key is getting a bra that fits you correctly. Many women simply wear the wrong bra size. Get measured by a professional at a reputable bra shop.

Victoria’s Secret, one of the biggest bra retailers known for their ultimate pushup bras, does it as a complimentary service when you are shopping for bras in their store. I got it done there and found that I was actually wearing the wrong bra size. I should have been wearing a 36C and was instead wearing a 34C for years.

I found that the right bra not only makes my breasts look great by making them more shaped and lifted, but it also is more comfortable. I hate wearing bras, and I think
most women whip theirs off as soon as they come home from work as quickly as I do.

But they are a necessary evil, and you just have to know how to choose the right ones to enhance your bust line rather than make it look smaller or feel more restricted.
Wearing a bra that fits and the right kind of bra will afford you a better looking bust immediately. In most cases, a well-fitting balcony bra perhaps enhanced with padding, gel, or water will make the bust appear fuller and perkier.

Victoria’s Secret recently came out with a bra that claims to increase the appearance of your breast size by at least two cups. What they don’t tell you is that the thing is so padded that you feel like you’re a mummy wrapped up in the darn thing, it feels so restrictive and so unnatural.

They have other great bras that lift and support, but that one to me, no pun intended, was a total bust. There are other types of shaping, lifting and breast size increasing, cleavage giving bras out there.  The Miracle Bra is probably the first well known bra that aimed to increase a woman’s assets.

There is also the infamous water bra, which uses water filled jelly inserts that increase your bust size and add to your cleavage, enhancing your breast’s appearance.  There are also bust enhancing exercises that you can do. However, it is important to remember that these exercises won’t make your breasts bigger, but will tone the muscles underneath allowing your bust to seem bigger and sag less. Exercising the chest area, such as the pectoral muscles, will do the trick.

Women who already have their desired breast size often want more lift and definition to their breast and chest area, and this is where some of the pectoral exercises for lifting your breasts come in.

Slim Extreme Offers a Bust Firming and Lifting Product Now

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Slim Extreme is a line of topical products that are supposed to mostly help you with toning and firming the skin, helping to trim size from the thighs and other areas and generally help to firm up cellulite and other loose or unsightly skin or fatty areas.

Because most of their products are in the slimming and inch reduction arena, I was surprised that they offered a bust enhancing topical product. When you hear the words bust, your mind automatically goes to products that make it bigger, not toned and smaller.

But I also forget that lots of women want the firming and toning on their bust area because they want that perky effect again, not the sagginess and loss of tone that often come with age or pregnancy. There are also stretch marks that can come with the stretching and subsequent slackening of the fat and skin in the bust area.

That’s what this Slim Extreme, which is priced around $15 a tube, is aimed at doing. It is supposed to help firm and tone that whole bust area to give it that lift that seemed to be so easily attained when you were younger.

It says that it has a “push up” 3D effect, so it also claims to have a sort of boosting capability. It actually gets decent reviews, but is mixed in with some reviews that claim it doesn’t work at all. This is actually pretty typical for most products in the breast and bust enhancement market.

Some products can work wonders on one person whereas another person, depending on their chemical makeup and the way they use the product, may think that it doesn’t work at all.  Using these types of products correctly can mean the difference between fabulous results and absolutely nothing at all to where you’re wanting a refund.

I was actually interested in their fat burning and toning product, which is supposed to use a heating effect combined with caffeinated ingredients in order to help stimulate blood flow, firm and help to act as a lymphatic drainage type of product which helps to smooth out cellulite and general lumps associated with excess fat storage in targeted areas of the body.

I don’t need any help in the bust firming area yet – but maybe someday when I do this might be a good one to consider for a reasonable investment.