Capsular Contracture and Big Breast Implants

I just read an astonishing story about a Brazilian model and actress who had a gallon of silcone injected into her breast implants to make her a FF cup, which is ridiculously large, and I can’t even imagine lugging those big puppies along all the time.  I have to ask myself, women who get breast implants this big, is this some kind of psychosis?  A need to be superior over other women (when in fact they look ridiculous, sure the select men who may gawk at them might give them a temporary rise in self esteem, but over the long haul, aren’t they just being looked at as a piece of meat?)

Don’t get me wrong, I wholly support plastic surgery when it’s done to increase one’s self respect and they have a genuine issue with a body part or aspect of their physical appearance that can be easily and safely corrected with a cosmetic procedure, but it’s women like this that give plastic surgery a bad name.  In fact, this particular woman said she’s not finished and she’s going to get them even larger.  Many states don’t even allow for certain sizes because the risk for complications, including infection and capsular contracture, can be enormously inflated when the implants are just too large.

What happens is that the breast implant is so heavy that it may separate itself from the surrounding tissue, making a good case for caspular contracture and other complications like infection, and complicating the whole procedure, many times needing to go in for multiple operations to get the darn things fixed.  Why would any woman want to subject themselves to that simply to have breasts that are just over the top and ridiculous looking?  I don’t get it.

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