Bustea : Reader’s Question on Herbal Breast Enhancement Tea

I received this question from a BreastNewsMagazine Reader about an herbal breast enhancement tea that I really know nothing about called Bustea , read on:

Question :

Hello. Do you have any information about Dr. Duke’s
Recipe of BUSTEA? Do you know if that work or not? I’m
scared of taking those pills and it might have an
effect to my liver, since taking way too many pills
can effect the liver. Is Zenmed Benfil only to firm
and tone your breasts or it also increase in cup sizes
as well? Thanks again.

Response :

Unfortunately, I do not have any experience with the herbal breast enhancement tea Bustea of which you speak.  I haven’t personally spoken to anyone for whom it has worked or not worked yet.  Now, on your Benefil question, the Benefil actually is designed to firm and tone, as well as to stimulate additional growth along with the massaging action. 
It contains herbs and other ingredients which have been used by Chinese women in conjunction with massage to produce larger breasts, so that is why I think it is ideal to pair with an oral natural supplement.  If you are afraid of liver damage, maybe you could just use the topical stuff. 
I believe the liver damage would occur if you just put too many herbs in your body or if you increased your dosages to amounts not recommended by manufacturers.  I have not heard of this side effect with women who take the proper dosages of herbal products.

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