Brooklyn Decker’s Breasts Take Center Stage

If you never heard of model Brooklyn Decker before, then you most certainly noticed the plethora of ads for a movie that starred her breasts as well as Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, called “Just Go With It”.  How could you not notice those glorious orbs, bouncing up and down on the television, like Pamela Anderson’s did so famously in the Baywatch introduction?

The movie, which stars two big names, as well as Decker as the object of Sandler’s affections, didn’t get the greatest ratings, but one thing is for sure – everyone noticed Brooklyn in a teeny weeny bikini, strutting her stuff like Bo Derek did so famously years ago in the movie “Ten” where Dudley Moore was salivating over her bikini bod and famous cornrows on the beach.

No word on whether Decker can act, but it looks like she doesn’t do too bad a job from the previews I’ve seen.  Now, how about those famous breasts, which debuted to most of the world in a Sports Illustrated cover – the most coveted cover of a magazine pretty much in the world for any woman who really takes care of her body and seems to have impossible measurements to boot!

Speaking of impossible….so, do you think Brooklyn’s breasts are real or has she had a little help of a plastic surgeons scalpel and breast implants?  Has she undergone any other sort of breast implant alternative regimen? It just always seems suspicious to most of us ladies when a woman such as the genetically blessed Decker has a very stacked chest and yet also has a teeny weeny waist!

I must admit,  if her breasts are indeed breast implants, then they are fabulous, because they move around a lot like real breasts do, and they bounce, and they also give fabulous cleavage which is hard to get when you have breast implants – at least it’s hard to get and make it look real!

So, I did a little bit of internet surfing to see if I could get the opinion of one of these so called plastic surgery experts to see if Brooklyn Deckers breasts are real, and here’s what I came up with.

Well, the results are of course totally inconclusive. As you well know, advances in plastic surgery can make breasts look real these days, but there are still bad boob jobs as well as dead giveaways of some women who’ve had breast implants.  There are some excellent breast implant alternatives these days though that will give you the real, bigger breasts that you want!

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