Breast Implants as Self Esteem Booster?

Well, yeah, duh, right?  I guess it is common sense that the reason women get breast implants is not only, of course, to have bigger breasts, but at the root of the desire to have bigger or more shapely, or lifted breasts, is that they are hoping this will boost their body confidence, or their self confidence. 

And it does indeed work for many women, but women should beware that if they are thinking breast implants are going to make them happy people, then they are sorely mistaken.

Breast implants should be purchased only if the buyer has realistic expectations of why they are getting the breast implants, and also of how these new additions to their body are going to make them feel, all the time.  It’s not like life just becomes a whole different song and dance after you get implants.  You still go through rough times and good times, just like before, you just do so with bigger breasts!

A lot of really young women are getting implants nowadays, and that may be a dangerous trend, because these young ladies are deluged with images of well endowed women all around the all the time, thinking these women are somehow naturally gifted, and why aren’t they?  When in reality, many women in the media who have curvy figures got that way by getting surgery. 

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