Breast Implant Patients Three Times More Likely to Commit Suicide

I know we’ve rehashed this story several times over, but it seems to be getting fairly extensive media coverage, and this latest study is one of several that has come to the same conclusion about women who have breast augmentation surgery : They are a significantly higher suicide risk. 

Almost 400,000 women received the breast enhancement surgery who felt they did not have large enough breasts or wanted to enhance their breasts and felt the only way to do that was through cosmetic surgery.

That’s quite a few women, and most experts are saying that they believe it’s not the implant device or the surgery itself that causes the increasedsuicidal tendencies in those with breast implants, but rather pre-existing conditions that are psychiatric in nature that for some reason women who choose to have breast enhancement have a higher rate of. 

Perhaps lower self esteem or a variety of other psychiatric conditions is what has been
speculated on as possible reasons.

The latest study was a follow up on earlier research on over 3,000 Swedish women who had breast implants and were previously determined to have some sort of quantifiably higher risk of suicide.  Not only did the Tennessee researchers confirm the Swedish findings, but they came up with the number “three times more likely” than females without implants, and also confirmed that there was higher incidence of alcoholism and drug addiction in this population segment.

To me, this data just confirms that perhaps this population segment of women tends to make the decision to have implants because they may be more likely to experience depression and suicidal thoughts, and that is where the link is, but again, not within the fact of the implants themselves.

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