Bigger Breast Creams

Benefil Breast Serum

When it comes to using creams, there are so many things that these topically absorbed agents can do besides getting bigger breasts with these topical creams. The thing is, most people think that applying a cream cannot affect your body’s functions, but it can.

This is why things like patches that are attached to the skin to prevent smoking which contain nicotine to help us with our cravings, and women can use patches and creams to infuse estrogen into their blood stream.

Also there are topically attached birth control options that are absorbed transdermally into the blood stream which helps prevent pregnancy.  Breast creams for bigger, fuller and more defined breasts, like Benefil, work on the principle of transdermal absorption of their tightening and toning ingredients.

There are quite a few ways the applying something topically, like a breast cream, can help you achieve various functions in your body. Breast creams that are applied topically are designed to do just that. They contain ingredients that do a couple of things, depending on what type of product you are using and what it’s aim is on the female (or male) breast.

They may contain one of two things, or both of them. One that you often see is a firming ingredient, just as an example we’ll say caffeine or seaweed, or one of the many other good firming ingredients.

Firming and plumping the breast tissues helps to counteract this by lifting and shaping the breasts into a more firm, lifted and perky shape, which is how your breasts used to look when you were younger. The complementary process that is used with the cream’s firming and lifting ingredients, massage, also helps to lift and stimulate the breast tissue, which is a one-two punch when it comes to fighting sagging and loss of density of breast tissue.

In fact, massage combined with creams has been used for years by women in Asia as a breast firming, lifting and enlargement method. One must be diligent, patient and consistent when using massage and a good breast enlarging and firming cream. If she is patient for results, she should notice greater firmness, better shape, and more lift, and also potentially bigger breasts if that is what the product is designed for.

It may be a combination of natural ingredients in a serum or a cream. I think that serums may be a little more effective in this arena, only because I believe personally that serums may deliver ingredients more efficiently to the deeper layers of skin, and therefore into the blood stream as well. Pueraria Mirifica is an excellent herb that is included in some of the serums for bigger breasts as well.

This one is a good one, it’s actually derived from Asia where women have used it for years to naturally enlarge their breasts, lift them and firm them. In fact, I like to use serums for anti aging on my face at night because I know that they will penetrate a little deeper at night when my body temperature elevates, at least in my personal experience, than a cream will.

I still think creams are great, but they are more of a moisturizing agent than a serum is, a serum is a little better in actually delivering ingredients in some cases. If you are going for bigger breasts by using a cream, I think you may want to look into a serum that uses pueraria mirifica, or other effective herbs in breast enlargement so that you can get maximum results for a smaller amount of product.

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