Breast Enhancement Gum

Enhance Breasts with Chewing Gum

One of the more unusual forms of breast enhancement comes in the form of something that is pretty familiar to all of us. Most of us chewed this when we were younger – at least I know I did! It’s breast enhancement chewing gum, and it’s just another way or orally delivering natural breast enhancement ingredients to the blood stream.

The trend started over in Japan, where they manufactured a breast enhancement gum that was made to be chewed several times a day, and claimed to help firm the breasts and also help to clear skin up and strengthen hair, skin and nails.

Now, there is a version of natural breast enhancement gum available here in the states, and it is aimed at breast enlargement and firming. It is a chewing gum that is pleasant to taste, and it is called Zoft. Further down this page, you can see some testimonials of women who have used, or are currently using this gum successfully to enlarge and enhance their breasts.

The Zoft chewing gum for breast enhancement offers a variety of ingredients in what they say is a better delivery method than some traditional breast supplements, because it is broken down and delivered more directly to the blood stream for somewhat quicker results. The ingredients in this breast enhancement gum vary.

The first ingredient listed, which usually means it is the primary active ingredient, is fenugreek seed. We’ve talked about fenugreek seed in this weblog discussion forum before. Fenugreek is a natural herb that was often used by herbalists, and is many times even prescribed by physicians to their patients.

It is useful and effective for women who are having trouble getting their breasts to produce enough milk for their infants (women who are new mothers), and presumably is used in natural breast enhancement because it activates the sweat glands, and your mammary glands are comparitively just one big sweat gland, so they are activated by this herb as well, which may account for its usefulness in this breast enhancement gum.

This product is a fairly new one, but here are some of the things women are saying that are using or have used this breast enhancement gum:

Enhance Breast Size with a Chewing Gum?

“I have been using your Zoft Breast Enhancement Gum for just a little over a week now and I already can notice an increase in size but more importantly I notice a big increase in firmness. I am so excited! Thank you for making me more confident.”

“I recently lost a total of 30 pounds and during the process I also lost a full cup size. I decided to try your product and I am now excited to report back that bra shopping has never been more exciting knowing I can fill out the larger bras and look great. This product is amazing, I really didn’t think it would work when I started. Thank you sooo much!”

This product states that it may only take a few weeks to notice results. I generally don’t like when products that are designed for natural breast enhancement advertise this way, although I can understand that some people may in fact experience results this fast with the gum. But it does create sometimes an unrealistic expectation for women whose metabolism or body physiology simply do not allow for this quick of results.

I would say that the same applies for this chewing gum that applies for any other natural breast enhancement product – TIME. Patience and time, as well as sticking to an allotted amount of intake as well as any time lapses between “dosages” is always important for any herbal product for it to achieve its intended purpose as well.

Many people may not get results simply because they did not allow enough time to lapse or are not taking the product exactly as prescribed by the maker, so this part is always important too. Anyways, I think it’s worth a look if you’re not into taking pills, and are willing to try something new that very well may be just the thing that works for you. For more information, including pricing etc. see Zoft Chewing Gum Package Deals

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