Breast Blamed for What?

I just got done reading an interesting story about a south of the border woman who apparently blamed her large chest on something that it seems was more likely due to a dalliance with the bottle.  A Floridian woman was pulled over after being witnessed going left of center and then parking and taking up two spots.

She was suspected by the officer pulling her over of being under the influence when she apparently began slurring her speech and exhibited other signs of being under the influence of alcohol.

When asked to exit the vehicle by the cop who pulled her over, she uttered a half complete sentence – something about being big breasted and how you can’t walk straight if you have big breasts like hers. Well, maybe she could have if she focused on not making excuses right away, but hey, I guess desperate people take desperate measures.

It gets better from there. Instead of walking, the women reportedly started dancing and then tried to show the officer how big her breasts were. The officer, integrity intact and all, then asked her to stop trying to take her shirt off.

Of course, the woman was booked later on.  I’ve heard of lots of things big breasts get blamed for – back pain, neck pain, unwanted attention and stares and difficulty finding bras. Heck, I’ve heard breast implants being pinned as the reason someone’s life was saved (such as our past story on women being saved from bullet by her breast implants).

But this one’s a first. I’m sure it won’t be the last either!

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