Big Brother Former Contestant Auctions Her Breast Implants on Ebay

Not only is a former contestant of the hugely popular reality show (that I’ll admit I’m addicted to, after making fun of reality TV for months and finally getting sucked into this addictive show), Carolina Gynning, is not only auctioning off her huge DD sized mega breast implants on Ebay, but the good hearted contestant is also reportedly giving the proceeds to a charity.  Not sure who’s going to want a pair of “used” breast implants, but hey, I was shocked when the grilled cheese with the Virgin Mary went on Ebay for an outrageous sum also!

The foxy big boobed reality star has had the breast implants in for ten years, and actually you are supposed to get them replaced every ten years, so maybe this is just a publicity stunt, I’m thinking.  She supposedly wants to downsize, and I can see why – carrying around a pair of DD breasts would get very hard on your back after a while, especially if you like to run or work out at all, or heck even sitting at a desk with that size of implants would probably be a strain!

The proceeds are supposed to go to victims of the civil war going on in Rwanda, and she has encouraged bidders to give whatever they can, since it’s all for a good cause.  Actually, maybe she’s just going with her natural breasts, and not getting implants – she did say she was a C before the implants – jeez, some women would kill for natural C cups!  Crazy world…..crazy!


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