Banned for Breast Implants

Sarah Blewden, an aspiring professional boxer, after being a former model, was denied the request to fight in the ring professionally in a boxing club after it was disclosed that she had breast implant surgery back in 2003.  Officials denied the request for her to fight in the ring after she started the hobby but soon discovered she was good at it and wanted to pursue it further, saying that boxing could potentially ruin her breast implants and cause other complications such as capsular contracture, or damage to the breast tissue.

She countered saying that if she did suffer some sort of damage to her breasts, even after wearing protective breast plates in the ring, she would make the decision to get corrective surgery on her own.  Fair enough, right? I guess not, because the former model was still denied access to the boxing ring.  This story comes out of Britain, where breast implants are just about as popular as they are here in the US.

I don’t know about you, but this sounds like good, old fashioned discrimination to me. I mean, if she’s willing to wear protective gear to protect her breast implants and natural breast tissue, and has acknowledged that she will have to pay for corrective surgery on her own and any other medical bills that result from breast tissue of implant trauma, then why is she still being denied?

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