Are Underwire Bras Unhealthy?

I can tell you, my personal preference is to not wear underwire bras, although when I first started wearing bras and wanted to make my rather small breasts stand up and out a little more, I favored these types of bras because they seemed to give my breasts more shape and lift.

But there have been many that say wearing underwire bras is not only uncomfortable, but you also may be endangering the health of your breasts. Worse, you may actually be increasing your chances of getting breast cancer if you habitually wear these types of bras.

The problem that some believe occurs with underwire bras is that they restrict the breast tissue, and cause the flow of blood and lymphatic fluids to clog, making the toxins get trapped in the breasts, and therefore increasing the chances of developing cancerous tissue in the breasts, which are already more prone than other tissues to develop cancerous growths.

However, while this does sound like it may have some validity, I’ve mostly read about this on alternative health websites, not really any medically backed or proven websites or pieces of journalism.

However, that does not mean that I dismiss it. I think it makes sense, because my breasts actually often ache after they’ve been in an underwire bra all day. If your tissues are being agitated, does it not make sense that they may be more prone to develop abnormalities, simply as a matter of logic?

I prefer a light padding, but no underwire, and you would not believe how hard it is to find good bras these days that do not have a restrictive underwire built into them.  Underwire bras definitely can make the breasts appear more lifted, but a well made bra without an underwire and with the right type of padding will get the job done just as well, and won’t keep jabbing into your rib cage and your breast tissue all day long.

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