ALCL Cancer Linked to Breast Implants?

Before I get into this story, let me make it clear that the doctors who performed the research that led them to conclude that a rare type of T cell cancer may be related to the silicone casing on breast implants, have already said that the odds of the cancer being directly linked and causing you real concern are incredibly low, so there is no need for alarm.  That doesn’t mean there won’t be further research though of course, as researchers want to find out for sure if there is a definitve and significant risk of developing this rare cancer that stems from having breast implants. 

Researchers had pulled women from a database that had over ten years of information compiled on women with a rare cancer called ALCL for short, and found that almost half of them also happened to have breast implants, which were put in for cosmetic reasons, not as a reconstructive surgery for cancer or any other problems fo the breast. 

This led them to further research if there was a link, which they did not really have the answer for, except that it was quite a coincidence that almost half of the women with an already incredibly rare cancer happened to have breast implants with silicone casing.  mind you, all breast implants, even the ones that are made of saline, are made still with a silicone casing since it is one fo the tougher materials that can stand the surroundings of the body and resist breakdown over years of enhancing the breasts. 

Because they did make these findings, but were unable to statistically link them to the breast implants without ruling out other data that could also be similar between these patients, they want to make further requests to study this occurrence a little more to understand it.  They do say that the numbers are so small to begin with that the odds are incredibly tiny that a woman with breast implants would be putting herself in any real harms way that they did not want to cause undue alarm in women with implants. 

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