Adjustable Breast Implants?

Yeah, at first when I read this, I thought a woman could go in and get her breasts augmented with implants, and then just adjust their size whenever she feels like it. 

But, thankfully, this whimsical thought is not correct, and adjustable post surgical implants are really only offered if they are medically necessary, and mostly for women who are going in for breast implants due to a symmetry issue in their breasts.  In other words, women who genuinely have a medical need for disfiugured breasts may have these, and I suspect the very priveleged may have a stab at getting this type of implant too.

Adjustable breast implants are a saline filled breast implant with a silicone shell, has a tube that they may inject saline into it up to six months after they get the initial breast augmentation procedure.  Surgeons try to get it right the first time, and they do try to stay away from offering these adjustable post operative implants, because really they should only be available for people who have asymmetry problems with their breasts.  The breasts are adjusted up to six months after the initial operation, and it is a surgical procedure, so it is not to be taken lightly.   

The port that goes in to the implant which allows them to inflate/deflate the implant post operatively can actually make you more susceptible to infection, another reason why surgeons try to stay away from offering the adjustable implant unless it is medically necessary. So, you can see why plastic surgeons try to stay away from this option. 

Not only do they not want to be at the whim of fickle customers who want their implants adjusted simply to look good in certain outfits or for a certain time of year, but they also do not want to increase the risk of infection, and a port into the implant would do just that.   

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