Heidi Montag Downsizes Her Implants

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The infamous reality star who’s most famous for appearing on the popular reality series “The Hills” along with her second half Spencer (something), and who also happens to be famous for getting a litany of cosmetic enhancement procedures a few years back, all at one time, has made the news again.

Heidi Montag infamously went to a size F breast implant when she had her series of cosmetic surgeries, and she also dramatically altered her appearance in other ways as well, looking a lot different than her former self suddenly.

If you know much about cup sizes, then you sure know that an F cup is HUGE.  It’s really just much too big, and it can really cause a lot of issues not only with back pain, but it can also cause hardening of the implants, capsular contrapture, and a multitude of other problems like implant migration and other things that can require further surgery.

Not to mention, I’m sure it welcomes a lot of unwanted male attention (and female stares as well, after all it’s kind of hard to ignore the enormity of such big breasts).  So, I’m thiking Ms. Montag was just plain sick of lugging those big bad boys around.

She reportedly did not get her imlants completely removed though, she simply downsized to a smaller cup.  She’s now a “modest” D cup, and she looks much more comfortable now.


TMZ Catches Parking Spot Altercation in Front of Breast Cancer Treatment Center

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I can’t believe I got sucked into watching this, and I have to say that I never knew the edgy gossip website TMZ also now has a television show. For all I know, maybe the website is based on the show and the show came first. At any rate, you know how addictive these types of gossipy websites can be where they give you a glimpse into the beautiful and exciting lives of celebrities.  It’s definitely appealing to the voyeurs in all of us, and even the best of us can get caught up in it here and there.

And I was certainly no exception last night when they were showing clips of their reporters going out and soliciting reactions and comments from multiple celebrities, invading their personal lives and space, and generally just trying to get them on camera for as long as they can.

One of the things they caught was Mrs. Mark Wahlberg, who happens to be a stunning model, get into some sort of small altercation over a parking spot with a woman.  It wasn’t clear whether the two women actually had words or not, but the woman whose spot she said Mrs. Wahlberg took certainly had plenty to say.

She said that she was there for a breast cancer treatment and that she had gotten duped out of her parking spot.  But upon further examination, she started to hedge on it and seemed to admit it wasn’t her that was there for treatment, or something to that effect.

Exciting stuff, no?!  Not really, I just figured I’d share it because it was pretty funny that this is considered newsworthy. And even funnier that I got sucked into watching such a mundane encounter, simply because someone famous was involved!  I guess in the end it’s nice to know that the rich and powerful and famous also have to deal with the same mundane details of life just like the rest of us do.  I think that’s why celebrity gossip escapism has become so popular.

New Mammogram Slogan “Woman Up” – Thoughts?

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It’s officially breast cancer awareness month now.  You see the pink ribbons and pink colors everywhere, and while it’s a really nice way to remember and recognize women who have struggled with this still too-pervasive disease, it does have its critics.

Some think that the “pinkwashing” phenomenon encourages women to only seek the current toxic treatment options that are out there rather than actually preaching nutrition and lifestyle changes to help address the cancer.  There are of course other criticisms, too numerous to list here, but I’ll leave that up to the reader to read about on their own.

One thing that’s a bit troubling to me personally is that I’ve been seeing these billboards and hearing commercials on the radio with the new slogan to “Woman Up” and get a mammogram. The commercials go something like, yeah it may be a pain and it may be uncomfortable, but we are women hear us roar, or something to that general extent. But what if, like me, you’re really not sure that mammograms aren’t actually contributing to the exacerbation and proliferation of breast cancer cells?

Since mammograms expose the breast tissue to radiation, some critics do think that they may be encouraging breast cancer, and that they may also be causing women to get treatment for cancer that don’t really need it yet because the cancer cells are so slow growing.  Now, if you’ve already got a tumor that’s one thing, however some think that mammograms turn on the panic button when there are not enough cancer cells yet to be of any concern.

I know that sounds like it’s a bit unscientific, but if you read about it, some experts will even say that there are some very slow growing cancers that may not cause problems for years, and they may even go away on their own according to yet some other experts.

So what is right? How are we to know who to believe?  It’s really hard to make a judgment about whether mammograms are right for you without doing a lot of self-education.

You have to go with what your instinct tells you is right.  It can take a lot of soul searching and also a lot of simply relying on your own intuition, but it’s a bit bothersome that the medical community is preaching mammograms as the end-all be-all when it comes to early detection and breast cancer prevention.  It’s also a little off putting that they are making it sound like you’re being irresponsible in your own self-care if you choose not to get a mammogram periodically.

I suppose I would just much rather see them promote self-exams (manual, by the hands) than promote something that is completely safe and can be done any time, several times a year, in one’s own home, which also happens to not expose the delicate breast tissue to radiation.

Especially when emerging studies are putting their benefit into serious question.  What is the answer? I don’t know, and don’t presume to be able to tell anyone else, only that they must really do their own research and come to their own conclusions about their beliefs in what is the best way for them to prevent breast cancer.



Bee and Snake Venom Costituents May Treat Breast Cancer

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It’s interesting how certain aspects of something that is otherwise deadly or at the very least toxic to the human body in one form, can potentially hold the secret to the cure for one of the most feared and often talked about diseases that plague the human race today : cancer.

I’m talking about the toxic venom of bees and snakes, which most people are allergic to in varying degrees. In very allergic individualy, a bite by one of these animals can cause severe allergic reactions up to and including death. Many people are so allergic they have to carry around a portable injection pen in case they are stung by a bee, or a certain type of stinging insect.

Breast cancer is one of the big cancers that was mentioned in a couple of writes ups recently about a promising new technology involving bee and snake venom that may help to slow down or stop the growth of certain types of cancer cells, including breast cancer cells.

Since these venoms aren’t selectively toxic in the body in their “whole form”, they needed to identify and then figure out how to isolate certain compounds within the venom that was identified as being excellent at slowing the growth of cancer cells.  If you were to simply inject someone with the whole venom without isolting these beneficial compounds out, you would have side effects, just as people do today with chemotherapy.

Of course the whole idea is to target only the cancer cells, and treatments that still make you sick and result in a wide array of unpleasant and life-altering side effects is not the desired outcome. This is why the venom discovery is so exciting.

They’re looking at a way to camouflage the compounds and prevent the harmful parts of the venom from coming out and attaching the body’s defenses, and the results are looking pretty good.  They’re seeing where the isolated compound is able to target and stop the growth of fast growing cancer cells so far.

They are also working at better ways to synthesize the compounds so that they don’t need to use the real thing found in the venom, and this would also ensure that the other consituents of the venoms that are toxic would not be present.  The whole trick of looking a alternative ways to treat cancer is to find ways that are not toxic to other functions of the human body.

If someone can find a way to selectively treat and target only cancer cells, I believe we’d have something that could blow chemotherapy out of the water as the western medicine choice for treating most cancers. God willing!

Do Double Mastectomies Really Benefit the Patient as a Virtually Fool Proof Breast Cancer Prevention Tool?

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The increasing trend of preventive double mastectomies, further fueled by the high profile actress and admired activist Angelina Jolie, has really sparked a lot of debate about whether this seeming “slash and burn” strategy or preventing breast cancer that has not occurred yet is truly beneficial.

The high financial cost

In addition to the obvious financial loss of missing work for recovery time and the high cost of the surgery itself, one must consider the after effects as well.  They will probably either opt for reconstructive surgery to have surgeons reconstruct breasts for them, or they will need to wear special bras indefinitely.  Surgery is out of control these days with how high the costs are.

The Operating Room costs, the anesthesia, the hospital stay and all the other hidden fees and costs have propelled most surgeries to astronomical proportions that no normal person could pay outright.

Even if insurance covers it, you’re still stuck with a lot of out of pocket bills after this surgery.  It can really be financially draining. And to make matter worse, sometimes you still may also have to go through other treatments like radiation or chemotherapy which are of course also costly.

A study that was recently published showed that the survival rates and prevention rates for women who have had this procedure don’t seem to justify the numbers of the surgeries being performed today to remove both breasts almost in their entirety.

The benefit versus the cost (financial and emotional) don’t seem to have the big bang payoff you’d think they would in other words. While there is a small increase in the prevention and in the survival, it really doesn’t seem to warrant the frequency of these types of radical procedures.

Emotional consequences

There are no doubt numerous emotional repercussions for women who go through a double mastectomy. Essentially, you are eradicating an entire part of your body that you have identified with as part of yourself and part of your femininity for your entire life.  It can be really devastating emotionally, especially for women who are not able to have reconstructive surgery.

There’s no number you can put on this, it’s not something you can ever get back, and that’s really a big deal if it’s not going to pay off in the huge way that some people think it does in the end as far as prevention of breast cancer or prolonging of life if someone already has cancer.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against double mastectomies.  I think it’s a very personal choice and we can only do what we feel is best when faced with potentially devastating news about the state of our breast health.

However, it is alarming the rate at which these surgeries are increasing, and it does make one wonder why more holistic measures aren’t being promoted instead of us just going in and removing all the tissue.  It’s kind of a throwing the baby out with the bathwater approach that needs much more studying to prove how much worth it has compared with how much value it actually adds to our breast health.