Thinking about Breast Implants? You May Be Able to Try “Vacation Implants” Soon

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implantIf you happen to have thought about getting breast implants in the past few years, you may have heard of the “lunchtime boob job”, marketed under “InstaBreast” currently, which offers a very temporary set of new, larger breasts.

The lunchtime boob job is one that lasts only about 24 hours. It uses injections of a saline solution, injected directly into the breast tissue, which inflates the breasts by anywhere from a half cup to a full cup size, for about a full day and night.

It does last too long because the tissues quickly absorb and dispel the solution since they are injected right into open tissue, unlike when you have the solution encapsulated in a silicone shell breast implant, which makes them of course more permanent.

What Used to Last 24 Hours Now Can Last a Few Weeks

Well, the same guy who has come up with the lunchtime boob job is now looking to make them a little more permanent, but not so much that you’d be able to keep getting them every year, it’d be more like getting them once every two to three weeks.

However, it’s really not his goal to appeal to people who just don’t want implants and would be willing to come in every so often to get them “re-upped”. He wants to appeal to women who are considering getting implants but want some time to actually experience how having a larger cup size would feel to them. It also may allow them to experiment with different sizes before they decide to “go permanent”.

The goal is to use the same principle, which is injecting a solution into the tissue, and allowing the tissue itself to naturally expand with the extra liquid to fill  the fatty pockets. However, he’s trying out a more permanent, longer lasting solution that wouldn’t evaporate back into the body within 24 hours like the current simple surgical saline they use would do.

Women can “Test Drive” Larger Breasts This Way to Contemplate Permanent Surgery

So women would get more time to actually feel them at a larger size, to experience what it’s like to be active with larger breasts, to experience what they would feel like being carried around all day since they are in fact extra weight on the back and body, and to also see if they like the way they look with them.  It sounds like a great way to “test drive” a new pair of boobs if you ask me!

This technology could be used for women who want to go larger in cup size for a literal vacation where they’ll be sporting skimpy bikinis and other clothes, or for other special occasions.  But it could also be used in other applications as well, including potentially for temporary pectoral implants for guys, or other types of implants or “filling agents” for various other parts of the male and female anatomy. In other words, temporary plastic surgery may become a huge thing soon!

Why Processed Soy Products Should Be Avoided for Breast Health

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Soy beans in and of themselves can provide a nice, healthy dose of wholesome vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutritionally rich components.  While they do supply a bit of what’s called phytoestrogenic effect, which means they have some naturally active components that mimic the effects of estrogen in the body, they have a complete nutritional profile because they are the whole, unprocessed and unadulterated form of a vegetable.

If you imagine what most processed soy products are, they are very different from the original soy bean, and they are highly processed.  The problem is, they are also still estrogenic in their effects.  So you basically strip out all the other nutritional benefits that raw soy has, and you still have the fact that these products have estrogenic effects, and that is something that’s not so healthy for your breasts.

The more body fat you have, the more estrogen that you have circulating in your body since estrogen tends to embed itself in fatty tissues.  This can also explain why one of the fattiest areas on a woman’s body, and also a part that tends to be extremely sensitive to hormone fluctuations (think how tender your breasts are during your period and pregnancy, when estrogen is surging and receding), is prone to have abnormal cell growth that results in cancer.

Because processed soy causes increases in these synthetic/alternative estrogens in the body, and these estrogens tend to store in the fatty tissues of the body more than other places, and the fact that breast cancer is often driven by estrogens in part, it is prudent to avoid processed soy products.

They can be really easy to eat too much of as well, especially if you are a person who does not eat meat or other forms of protein.  If you eat them, be sure to eat them in moderation.

Instead of using them as a source of alternative protein, look for other sources, like fish, various types of nuts and seeds, quinoa, which supplies a lot of the amino acids you might be missing from a meat free diet, and other plant based sources of protein. Or, dairy can supply a good type of protein as well as long as it’s not too high in fat.


A Good Bra Alternative : When??

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Like a good pair of comfy shoes, a great bra can really do a lot for a woman’s general level of comfort in her every day living. And yet, most bras are still not comfortable enough that you can almost not even feel them there!

If someone figures it out, and creates a bra that not only is comfortable and barely noticeable throughout the day, then they would probably be an instant millionaire.  I’ve always said that this would be the same if someone figured out a flattering and affordable and ridiculously comfortable pair of shoes.  Some things are just worth it.  I’d pay a  bit more for either of these items if they made my life a lot more comfy. However, I wouldn’t pay an exorbitant amount of money.

And it shouldn’t cost all that much. Aside from the hours put into engineering such a bra, there are some excellent, flexible yet supportive materials out there now. So why haven’t we yet, in this modern day and age, created an alternative to the typical brassiere?

It’s hard to imagine a support system that doesn’t go around the circumference of the chest in order to support the breasts, however there may be some alternatives out there today that would suffice at least in baggier clothes to provide some sort of modesty. Take for example pasties.  These are little circles or scalloped circles that go around the nipple.

They help to create a contour and camouflage that hides them, which is part of the function of a good bra – to shield them from showing when you’re cold.  Every women knows how embarrassing it can be to be showing your “headlights” when you don’t want to be!  This is actually one of the main reasons that I wear a bra, not for the support so much but more for the modesty aspect of things.

Women who are larger in the chest may need the actual support though, which is where we come back to alternatives. I suppose you could imagine some sort of undercarriage support that pushes them up from the bottom, but how would it adhere to the skin?  There’s always the possibility that any adhering material would irritate the skin since adhesives typically are made of chemicals that can cause irritation when they are adhered to the skin too long. Ever seen your skin after you peel off a band aid at the end of the day?

There is another alternative as well, perhaps to make a bra come further down than traditional bras, so you don’t get that cutting sensation just under your chest, and so that you also don’t have them riding up if they’re a simple cotton spandex design.

What is your idea of the ideal bra?  Or an ideal bra alternative?  Even better!

Heidi Montag Downsizes Her Implants

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The infamous reality star who’s most famous for appearing on the popular reality series “The Hills” along with her second half Spencer (something), and who also happens to be famous for getting a litany of cosmetic enhancement procedures a few years back, all at one time, has made the news again.

Heidi Montag infamously went to a size F breast implant when she had her series of cosmetic surgeries, and she also dramatically altered her appearance in other ways as well, looking a lot different than her former self suddenly.

If you know much about cup sizes, then you sure know that an F cup is HUGE.  It’s really just much too big, and it can really cause a lot of issues not only with back pain, but it can also cause hardening of the implants, capsular contrapture, and a multitude of other problems like implant migration and other things that can require further surgery.

Not to mention, I’m sure it welcomes a lot of unwanted male attention (and female stares as well, after all it’s kind of hard to ignore the enormity of such big breasts).  So, I’m thiking Ms. Montag was just plain sick of lugging those big bad boys around.

She reportedly did not get her imlants completely removed though, she simply downsized to a smaller cup.  She’s now a “modest” D cup, and she looks much more comfortable now.


TMZ Catches Parking Spot Altercation in Front of Breast Cancer Treatment Center

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I can’t believe I got sucked into watching this, and I have to say that I never knew the edgy gossip website TMZ also now has a television show. For all I know, maybe the website is based on the show and the show came first. At any rate, you know how addictive these types of gossipy websites can be where they give you a glimpse into the beautiful and exciting lives of celebrities.  It’s definitely appealing to the voyeurs in all of us, and even the best of us can get caught up in it here and there.

And I was certainly no exception last night when they were showing clips of their reporters going out and soliciting reactions and comments from multiple celebrities, invading their personal lives and space, and generally just trying to get them on camera for as long as they can.

One of the things they caught was Mrs. Mark Wahlberg, who happens to be a stunning model, get into some sort of small altercation over a parking spot with a woman.  It wasn’t clear whether the two women actually had words or not, but the woman whose spot she said Mrs. Wahlberg took certainly had plenty to say.

She said that she was there for a breast cancer treatment and that she had gotten duped out of her parking spot.  But upon further examination, she started to hedge on it and seemed to admit it wasn’t her that was there for treatment, or something to that effect.

Exciting stuff, no?!  Not really, I just figured I’d share it because it was pretty funny that this is considered newsworthy. And even funnier that I got sucked into watching such a mundane encounter, simply because someone famous was involved!  I guess in the end it’s nice to know that the rich and powerful and famous also have to deal with the same mundane details of life just like the rest of us do.  I think that’s why celebrity gossip escapism has become so popular.